Millumin and Datapath x4

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Hi, im testing Millumin,  I ussualy  work as video technician at events and play teathers , i wonder if someone  tested Millumin with a datapath x4? the  matrox triplehead works fine but if i need a big resolution datapath x4 offers until 4k resolutions if I am not mistaken, and the combination between Millumin and Datapath can be incredible if really works as i think.


  • Hello @M0DE,

    The Datapath X4 is very nice hardware : it's more expensive than a TripleHead, but definitly better for quality and bigger resolution.
    If it's recognized as a display by your Mac, you would be able to use it with Millumin. Just as a TripleHead.

    On their website, they say that you need OSX 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8
    And last good thing, they got an SDK (libraries to control the hardware).

    I'm very interested in this product. Please let me know your progress.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello,

    On a project, we are using presently Millumin and a Datapath x4 with a resolution of 2560x1600 and it's works like a charm.

    If you have some questions, don't hesitate!


  • Hello @dubreski,

    Thank you for the info. I'm very happy to know that, and maybe I'll purchase one some day.
    It seems a lot much better and more reliable than a TripleHead !

    Best. Philippe
  • Isn't it so that for the PC there is a software with a GUI for the Datapath x4 settings but on the Mac there's only a command line tool? It would be sweet if a mac developer made a GUI for the Datapath around that command line tool.
  • Hi Guys,

    I'm looking for a Hardware able to manage some 6K resolution (5760 x 1080) with millumin.
    I will use a macpro. For projecting I will use 3 x 26 000 lumens dual.

    I usually work with the matrox triplehead digital. In theory, triplehead digital can handle this resolution but looking threw different forums, it seems not very stable. Can someone confirm me?

    I saw on matrox web page a new product called "triplehead digital se":
    It works with thunderbolt.
    But I get no feed backs with it...and I don't want to take any risk.

    Datapath x4 is limited to 4k if I understand well.

    Do you know any hardware to do the job?



  • Hello @nyeblen,

    The problem with the TripleHead isn't stability, it's hardware limitation. The TripleHead doesn't support 5760x1080 resolution : the max is 4080x768. Please refer to their documentation.

    However, you could use a Zotac Dual HDMI (you need to ask Zotac to know which system are comptible) : read this test with 4 1080p monitors.

    The Datapath x4 will also do the job very well, it's professional hardware (so more expensive). Despite your limited to 4k x 4K resolution, you can easily convert it to a 8k x 1k resolution (run a second instance of Millumin if needed).

    Best. Philippe

    Best. Philippe
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    The Triplehead2Go DP & DVI models do actually support 3x 1080 (5760x1080px) - although you will need a Duallink DVI adaptor if coming out a MacBook Pro into the DVI model.

    The biggest quirk with the Datapath & Millumin is that its limited to 4096x4096px - so you can only make a square 1:1 maximum output which is probably ok but means you will have to set your millumin layout to look different to your physically layout.

    I did do a show recently where we had 5x 1080 outputs via both an X4 and a Triplehead2Go from the same machine doing a combined output of 7680x1080 (One was a slightly horizontally offset copy of one of the other 1080 outputs for a exact pixel map to an LED screen).
  • One quirk though is that when using more than one output, say via a rMBP or MacPro/Hackintosh with a GTX680+ gpu) Millumin likes the multiple outs to be the same aspect ratio and ideally same resolution otherwise the they'll all get weird 'scale to fit' output. It's hard to explain but suffice to say the only reason I had to use the TH2Go along with the X4 is so I could spit out two 3840x1080 outputs (so they had the same aspect).
  • Hello @lotech,

    You can run 2 instances of Millumin, a bit like in this tutorial :
    - the first instance will handle your content as expected (4x1 grid for example)
    - the second instance will manage the Datapath X4 (2x2 grid)

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello everyone,it's not that clear to me. 

    How will react Millumin if I plug in the Datapath 3 video-projectors with 2 differents resolutions ; 
    one in 1920x1080px and 2 in 1024x768px. 

    Does Millumin will see the 3 different displays with the right resolutions ?

    Thank you !
  • Hello @emericad,

    Just as a TripleHead or a Zotac Dual HDMI, the Datapath X4 will be recognized by OSX as a very big 4K screen. So does Millumin.
    Then, inside the Datapath X4, you can choose which part of the 4K screen, you will send to every video projector.

    Best. Philippe
  • Understood.
    Thank you Philippe !
  • hello,
    I have problems configuring my new DataPath X4.
    My MacPro with GTX780 only sees one 1920X1080 screen. (The same with a MacbookPro Retina)
    SwitchRes see 2560x1600.
    I did a reset of settings with the Datapath software on VMWare.
    I like to have a band of 4 1920X1080 screens for a total of 7680X1080.
    Can you help me with my mac recognizes this display as I could do it with TripleHead (a lower resolution!)

    thank you
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    Hello @wilfrid

    Datapath is a powerful output card but it's a bit sensitive on installation.

    - Datapath require a dual link cable in order to work with a Mac. Have you used such a cable in your tests or did you used a classic miniDisplay to DVI adapter? 

    - You could also check the Datapath configuration. For that, you could use the command line tool on OSX or the configuration software if you have a Windows PC nearby. If you encounter problems with that part, you could contact the Datapath support by filling the form on their website. 

    Antoine M*

  • You'll end up with a 30Hz input resolution if you go for 4x 1080 windows inputs, Unless you've got an amazing computer. Although you can input 16384x4096 pixels into the X4 theres a point where even Dual Link DVI can't carry enough information. From my experience is 4x 720P (so 2560x1440px) allows for 1:1 throughput - 1080 is pushing it.

    You can still use the X4 to have each output scaled up to 1080 on the way out if you really must have 1080 but performance and frame rates should be more important than hitting the highest resolution.
  • Although that said - when mapping with a projector more pixels is always better.
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    Thank you everyone!
    I bought a used Datapath that is broken.
    I have another one now.
    I do not understand how to set Millumin to bring out a band of 9600 X 1080 with Datapath and video out of my computer.
    So 5 X 1920 X 1080.
    I use two instances of Millumin. One for for my media and the other for output.
    How do I adjust the output of 2nd Millumin?
    I thought to 3 screens: 2 Datapath and one for my other out but I can not find the right setting.

    Thank you in advance for your help

  • Hello @wilfrid,

    Currenty, Millumin works with outputs with the same size (or the same ratio) for soft-edge reasons. Of course, we're working on a more versatile solution, but it won't be ready in the next months.

    In the meantime, you should use 3 instances of Millumin :
    - one for the content, so with a 9600x1080 resolution, and outputting via Syphon
    - one for the final output on the Datapath X4 (3840x3840), getting the Syphon server
    - one for the final output on other screen (1920x1080), getting the Syphon server

    I know it's not a perfect solution, but I hope it'll fit your needs, while a better solution comes up.
    Best. Philippe
  • thank you Philippe
    This will slow my instalation?
    Is it better to leave the Datapath 4X 1280 X 720?

    thank you
  • Hello @wilfrid,

    Of course, it adds extra calculations for your graphic cards, but Syphon is a very optimized technology, and it shares very efficiently the video-images accross application.
    I guess the best way to get an accurate answer, is to conduct a stress test with your setup.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you for your reply.
    Another question.
    Is it better to cut out my video files into 5?
    Or play a single file for a better speed ?

    thank you
  • Hello @wilfrid,

    Splitting won't help the performance, or just a bit.
    But if you have only one movie, you could use 2 instances :
    - one for the final output on the Datapath X4 (3840x3840)
    - one for the final output on other screen (1920x1080)
    - using the slice-editor to cut your movie in several parts
    - using SimpleSync to synchronize start of the movie on both instances

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi!

    It is possible to connect 2 Datapath X4 to MBP retina ( 1º Generation ) ?
  • Hello @ibox,

    Theoricaly, there is no limitation to plug two datapathX4 on a MacBook pro retina.
    Be sure to use dualLink cables to make it work.

    We haven't tested this setup so there's maybe some trick we aren't aware of.
    Maybe datapath support could give you extra informations about that.

    Speaking performances, your computer may encounter some lag if you want to render 8 fullHD + main screen.

    Antoine M*

  • Hello,

    I am having problems with Datapath x4, I can not get 4k . Yosemite only detects one screen of 1920x1080. I am using  duallink cables from apple. What can I do ? 

    Maybe with switchresX ? 

    Macbook Pro retina ( 1º Generation )
    OSX yosemite

    Many Thanks!!!!!
  • Hello @ibox,

    You probably have your Datapath X4 configured in mirror mode (4 identical 1920x1080). You would have to configure it in 4K mode (4 distinct 1920x1080).
    Please download the command-line for OSX (or the software for Windows) on Datapath website. Contact their support if the problem persists, in case your card is broken.

    Best. Philippe
  • @ibox - you definitely picked up a Duallink Adaptor too? That would explain the maximum resolution only being 1080.
  • Yes, i have bought 2 Duallink Adaptor from Apple.... these do not work? What are the correct adapters?
  • No these are the correct adaptors. You do generally need to replug the datapath when you set a new input resolution for OS-X to see it.
  • hello.
    got a problem.
    I received a Datapathx4, set it up under windows with X4 splitter app with 3840x2160 (30Hz only) split in 2x2 in 4 regions for 4 1920x1080 outputs. I can see correct configuration as extended desktop.
    In Millumin, final res 3840x2160, 4 instances of the Datapath for screens. Putting some content, going Full screen, all OK. Problem comes with soft edge blending. Millumin sees the 4 screen instances in a single row, can be seen when displaying the test card. So with Test Card in Full screen, my top left projector shows the top half of the two left screens (only with test cards, content looks normal, just top left of content on top left projector), etc, and edge blending happens in middle of screen. This is not easy to explain so I attach some photos. I tried many configurations using syphon and multiple instances of Millumin, could not get it to work yet.
    Only solution I see for now is to crop my 4 regions in a single row, but it looks like Datapath is limited to 4088 so the loss of resolution would be important.
    Is there a way?
    1632 x 1224 - 559K
    1632 x 1224 - 435K
    1632 x 1224 - 489K
    1632 x 1224 - 210K
    1632 x 1224 - 402K
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