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  • Found a way.
    The first instance of millumin, managing content, must have 4x  screens setup, so there are 4 identical outputs (I used the LCD of the laptop) then the second instance of Millumin (the one being in Full screen mode), managing the 3840x2160 2x2 matrix, has the 4 syphon outputs from first instance and each is positioned on the 2x2 matrix at its right place. Now I have a row of 4 with soft edge blending between the 4 (blending done in first instance, managing content).

  • Hello @perspixe,

    Yes, this is a solution.
    In Millumin 2, you won't have to do this : Millumin 2 will automatically detect the format and size, and propose you to work per quarter (or third in the case of a TripleHead, or an half in the case of a DualHead, ...).

    Best. Philippe
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    can you give me instructions to install the sdk libraries please?
  • Hello @igraph,

    You don't need to use the Datapath libraries to use an X4 : just plug it, and you computer will recognize it as a 4K screen.
    If you have troubles using your X4, don't hesitate to contact Datapath support, they are usually very responsive.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe,

    do you know if a late 2016 15" Macbook Pro would be able to display an 5760 X 1080px 60Hz via one of its USB-C 3 port connected in HDMI or DisplayPort in a Datapath FX4 (or FX4 SDI) ?
    The Datapath will be connected to 3 Full HD video projectors.
    Capture d’écran 2017-07-11 à 14.25.36 copie.png
    2330 x 668 - 70K
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    Hello @emericad,

    The Datapath FX4 was working greatly with previous generation of MacBookPro 15'' (recognized as a 4K screen).
    So it should be the same with MacBookPro late 2016, since USB-C is faster anyway (and designed to recognize 4K/5K screens). See this post.

    We just configured a MacBookPro late 2016 to test the Apple eGPU kit. We hope to publish the results of our tests in a blog post this summer. I hope you can wait a few weeks, as we may need time to gather enough info.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello,

    I confirm that the Datapath FX4 is working greatly with MacBookPro USB-C.
    For info, the FX4 can now run at 60hz (instead of 30hz previously). You need to upgrade the firmwire and use the DP input to do so (not working with the HDMI input).

    Best. Philippe
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