Millumin Control from ETC Ion Desk

I'm currently working on a show that is using an ETC Ion lighting desk. I'm attempting to get it to send next column commands either via DMX or OSC but having not a lot of luck. Has anyone else used one successfully?
We have a Enttec DMX Pro Mk2 but couldn't seem to assign a dmx value for the go command. All the documentation I can find is for Millumin 1.
As for Art Net, I've successfully sent OSC from one computer running Millumin 2 to the main machine so know its working that way - just the weirdness of the desks OSC implementation is getting us.
Any info people have would be appreciated.


  • Hello @lotech,

    You can follow this tutorial to understand how to plug your Mk2 to Millumin : of course, as you want to receive DMX (not sending it), be sure your device's mode is set to "receive".
    Also, display Millumin's monitor (see "Window" menubar) to check what you're receiving from your lighting desk or your Mk2.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe, 

    I dont think this is what @iotech means.
    What would be very useful for us would be control of the Millumin software over Artnet.
    much like catalyst.

    in an ideal world I would be able to have the same level of control over artnet as we do over MIDI.
    Would it be possible for Artnet signals to come into the interactions learning?

    that would enable us to use the video as a real lighting tool and integrate even better.

    I hope it will be possible, or maybe it already is and I am not seeing it?



  • Hello @sanderloonen,

    The level of interaction is the same for MIDI, OSC, Artnet, ... They are only signals that trigger a function in Millumin.
    In brief : yes, you can control Millumin via Artnet directly. See this tutorial and use Millumin's monitor (see "Window" menubar) to check what you're receiving from your lighting desk or your Mk2.

    That's why I think my answer is relevant (let me know Lotech) : the problem is to configure the ETC Ion lighting desk to get OSC or Artnet. Or use an USB DMX as a workaround.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe, 

    thanks for the fast reply. 
    I am trying to get the artnet into Millumin, but no luck. 
    My setup is;
    1 laptop with ETC eos software artnet out on univers 0
    1 laptop with Millumin and Luminet artnet monitor.

    I see the artnet in luminet monitor, but not in Millumin. there is nothing in the Millumin signals monitor.
    The artnet in Millumin is green, so I suppose it is connected.

    I can also see the artnet in Quartz composer if I monitor there.

    Please explain what I am doing wrong.
  • Hello @sanderloonen,

    Did you try with only Millumin running (not Luminet) ?

    Best. Philippe
  • HI Philippe,
    I just tried this, no luck...

    Do you have a chance to try this on one of your machines?

  • Hello @sanderloonen,

    This is quite strange. So :
    - you're receiving Artnet in Luminet
    - you quit Luminet
    - you start Millumin
    - you open the "monitor" : but no Artnet is received
    - is that right ?

    Are you sure you're sending Artnet 1 or Artnet 2 ? Millumin doesn't support Artnet 3 for now.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe, 

    just tried it again and I am getting no artnet into Millumin. 
    I see it in Luminet, quit luminet and still nothing in Millumin....

    if I make a quick patch in Quartz I can see Artnet coning in as well, so it is def Millumin.

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    Hello @sanderloonen,

    Ok, let's check everything :
    1. Disconnect your computer running ETC eos software.
      Check that you have only one network connection (only Wifi or only an Ethernet cable).

    2. Reboot your computer.
      Check that no Artnet software is running.

    3. Create an empty project and be sure Artnet is configured as below :

    4. On your phone (connected to the same network), use an application such as iVLD or ArtnetControl
      (alternatively you could use another computer running Millumin and sending Artnet via a data-track)

    5. Check in Millumin's monitor that you receive Artnet :

    Let us know the results.
    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe, 

    I am finally back home on my own router and own setup (I was touring before)
    it is working now.
    But you are right,
    Luminet Monitor need to be OFF. 
    it "hijacks" the artnet output from millumin.
    After some testing I have found out that ANY Art-net capable software running on the same computer needs to be off.
    this includes ETC EOS or Quartzcomposer. 
    this is inconvenient because it means I always have to use 2 computers if I want to control Millumin over Artnet.

    It seems that only Millumin has this problem, I can use Quartz and EOS at the same time and see everything in Luminet just fine.

    I hope that this is something that you can change?


  • Hello @sanderloonen,

    I made a test with MadMapper, and both were sending Artnet to another computer.
    But yes, with some other softwares, there can be such limitations.

    For now, the Artnet V2 implementation is working well, so we won't change anything in the official version. But we're interested in implementing Artnet V3, so this might come in a future beta. At this moment, we could change how Millumin handle Artnet with other softwares.
    However, I cannot give you an ETA, since this isn't a priority in our roadmap. I hope you'd understand our position.

    Best. Philippe
  • I understand Philippe, 
    no rush at all.
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