BlackMagic UltraStudio Mini Monitor

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I have one for FCPX ( working fine )  but doesn´t works with Millumin, can I get SDI Output from Millumin? 



  • Hello @ibox,

    I sent you an email with a mini-application to do so.

    Best. Philippe
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    Ok! Thanks! Is working ;-) 

    It would be great to have the ability to connect 2 UltraStudio MiniMonitor to my MBPR, then from multiscreen menu select between them. 

    Screen 1 > BM MiniMonitor1
    Screen 2 > BM MiniMonitor2

    Another option is get 2 Syphon Outputs from Millumin, and hen from multiscreen menu select between: 

    Screen 1 > SyphonOut1
    Screen 2 > SyphonOut2 

    And Open 2 Syphon2BM instances and select:

    MilluminSyphon1 > BM MiniMonitor 1
    MilluminSyphon2 > BM MiniMonitor 2


  • Hello @ibox,

    I think the best solution is to manage this directly in Output popup of Millumin.
    I created an idea on Uservoice, so people can vote for it.

    Best. Philippe
  • Staff please send me the same mini-application that you sended to ibox.

    i really need it.

  • Hello @GHFB,

    Since version 1.33 (May 2013), you don't need any application : your Blackmagic devices (Ultrastudio, Intensity or Decklink) will be recognized and accessible from the "Inputs" folder of Millumin's library.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe,

    you mentioned that they are accessible from the "inputs" folder.
    But does Millumin V2 also recognize the blackmagic devices as an output?
    Specifically, I'm talking about the UltraStudio Mini (MacPro->Thunderbolt 2 -> UltraStudio Mini -> HDSDI1080i50).

    Thank you.

    Best. Dennis
  • Hello @Skyline,

    Just as the AJA output, you will find the Blackmagic devices able to output, in Millumin's "Output" popoup.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks Philippe,
    but the AJA output isn't visible in V2, only in the V2+ beta. Does the V2 recognize the Blackmagic devices or do we have to use V2+ in that case? We don't own the BM hardware yet, that's why I'm asking beforehand.

    Best. Dennis
  • Hello @Skyline,

    Millumin have been supporting Blackmagic devices fro some years now, both as input or output.
    The official version of Millumin (2.18.t) is sufficient to do so, I mean to output from a Blackmagic MiniMonitor : more info on this post.

    Regarding AJA output devices : for now, such support have been implemented very recently, and is only available in Millumin V2+ beta.

    Besr. Philippe
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