BlackMagic UltraStudio Mini Monitor

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I have one for FCPX ( working fine )  but doesn´t works with Millumin, can I get SDI Output from Millumin? 



  • Hello @ibox,

    I sent you an email with a mini-application to do so.

    Best. Philippe
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    Ok! Thanks! Is working ;-) 

    It would be great to have the ability to connect 2 UltraStudio MiniMonitor to my MBPR, then from multiscreen menu select between them. 

    Screen 1 > BM MiniMonitor1
    Screen 2 > BM MiniMonitor2

    Another option is get 2 Syphon Outputs from Millumin, and hen from multiscreen menu select between: 

    Screen 1 > SyphonOut1
    Screen 2 > SyphonOut2 

    And Open 2 Syphon2BM instances and select:

    MilluminSyphon1 > BM MiniMonitor 1
    MilluminSyphon2 > BM MiniMonitor 2


  • Hello @ibox,

    I think the best solution is to manage this directly in Output popup of Millumin.
    I created an idea on Uservoice, so people can vote for it.

    Best. Philippe
  • Staff please send me the same mini-application that you sended to ibox.

    i really need it.

  • Hello @GHFB,

    Since version 1.33 (May 2013), you don't need any application : your Blackmagic devices (Ultrastudio, Intensity or Decklink) will be recognized and accessible from the "Inputs" folder of Millumin's library.

    Best. Philippe
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