$(millumin:remainingTime) + Companion

Hi guys,

Just checking if anyone has had success with Companion and the dynamic variable of "$(millumin:remainingTime)" being returned. I can get the "$(millumin:currentColumn)" value returned, but says "undefined" with the remainingTime variable.

Running the latest version of Companion companion-2.0.0-a16e1a2-2236. on OSX.

Any help would be appreciated.




  • Hi, 
    did you add the name of the layer ?
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  • @hyll, yes I have the name of the layer correct.

    It's strange the remainingTime variable doesn't return a proper value, but the currentColumn does.

  • It works on my side. I've just tested with your version, it worked too, but it messed things up for me.
    I recommand you try this version companion-2.0.0-c00df64-2199-osx.zip
    and you'd notice that the message is now "$(millumin2:remainingTime)" it seems that in your version the message used is "$(millumin:remainingTime)"

  • Hi Hyll,

    Thank you for your response. I got it working with a bit of fiddling around. 

    The remaining time is returned in seconds not a HH:MM:SS format. @Philippe I would recommend an update on this for a future improvement. It also doesn't clear when changing columns to a picture, for example, that doesn't haven't a remaining time. 

    Thanks again!

  • just to correct my post the "millumin2" modification is just me messing around with several instances. ;)

  • Having a play with this but just getting $NA showing, not sure what i've missed.
  • There seems to be an issue with Millumin 3 and 2.1.1 as far as I can tell - I get feed back on column number - but now time code and also play/pause timeline sent from Companion isn't working now. It would be good to get @Philippe to show the module in Companion some love as its becoming the go to for some much show control.
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