Blackmagic Ultrastudio mini Recorder APP

Hello, I'm looking for the plugin to connect millumin with the Blackmagic Ultrastudio mini Recorder APP. 
I want to do a live captation with Sony A7S.
Anyone can send me the APP ?
Thank you very much


  • Hello @Bmun,

    As stated in this post, Millumin natively supports such devices.
    Just plug your Blackmagic MiniRecorder, and it'll appear in Millumin's library (in "Inputs" folder).

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @wickiss,

    We don't own such a device at our studio, but from user's experience, the Magewell Pro Capture Dual HDMI is natively supported by macOS : so usable directly in Quicktime X, as well as in Millumin.

    However, I've also heard about limitations in capture resolution : it's working well at 1080p60 but not correctly at 4k.
    You should contact Magewell's support to get clear answers about what resolutions are supported on macOS.

    In a general manner, there is a simple rule : if your device is detected by Quicktime X, it'll be in Millumin.

    Best. Philippe
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