Soft Edges for the Advanced Output system?


I recently started working with your advanced output system with a 5 projector grid that I've created, with 3 projectors in a horizontal row on the bottom layer and 2 in a layer above them creating almost a 4/3 layout from 5 screens, I've learned to use the alignment tools and have a pretty goodalignment set up.  However, I have visible edges between a few of my projectors with different lumen levels.  I noticed there are no soft edge options for the advanced tool.  Is this coming soon and if not, do you have a work around that will help smooth the horizontal and / or vertical edges with this kind of set up?


  • I saw this old post about using the soft crop effect, but the linked tutorial is no longer there.
  • Hello @gfelice,

    Horizontal and vertical soft-edges are quite easy to make, but "quad" soft-edges are far more harder, especially since corners can be shared by 4 projectors (making adjustments very subtle).

    Millumin V2 features quick tools for horizontal/vertical soft-edge. For "quad" soft-edges, you have to do it manually.
    I'd recommand you to use 2 instances of Millumin (duplicate "" to launch 2 Millumin) :
    - one for the content (with only one big canvas) that outputs to Syphon
    - one getting the Syphon feed, then managing the outputs and the soft-edge

    To manage the soft-edge on the second instance : do everything in the workspace. I mean : use layers with the slice-editor, and add a "soft crop" effect to do the soft-edge manually. I think in your configuration, the easier solution is to create one canvas per projector (so 5 in total).

    Best. Philippe
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