How about a vertical blend??

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I have a project in about a week that we are stacking the image to make a 1920x1920 image can Millumin do a vertical blend like this? So I would need the soft edges on the top and bottom of the image?


  • Hello @bbeanan,

    I doubt that vertical soft-edge will be ready for next week. Sorry.
    In the meantime, you can do it manually :
    1. Split your layer in two parts (see this tutorial)
    2. Use the "Soft Crop" effect to create to soft-edge manually

    Hope it helps.
    Best. Philippe

  • For next week we are using a Spyder and the in projector blending but I just found your software and it got me thinking your software may be a great solution for a bunch of projects.
  • Hello @bbeanan,

    Yes, I understand. Vertical soft-edge is coming soon, despite I don't have a release date to give you.
    You should stay tuned, as many other interesting features are coming in the next months ;)

    Best. Philippe
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