How to remove a keyframe?

A manual would be helpful. Or some remove button in the settings...


  • Hello @underscore,

    To remove a keyframe in a timeline, simply select it and hit backspace.
    Note that you can select more than one keyframe (by holding shift) if you need to remove more than one keyframe

  • thanks Antoine, didn't notice the selection status...
    And how do I control the length of the keyframe action - linear, ease, ...?
  • Hello @underscore,

    the keyframe eases with the next keyframe. You can select the ease mode on the property panel on the right once your keyframe is selected.

    If you alt-click on the keyframe, the easing will change.


  • Well, Antoine, consider my example below. The action happens somewhere in between the two key frames and is never smooth. What I do need is some simple transition as in iMovie.
    (BTW no need for so many keyframe lanes - this could go to the property tab of the keyframe)
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  • hello @underscore,

    In the attached screenshot, there is a way to create a transition between two medias.
    Keep in mind that Millumin is not an editing software. Timelines will more likely be used in asynchronous mode as shown here.


    Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 13.52.44.png
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  • I get the idea. Slowly morphing this thread into "how to work with keyframes" ;-)
    My last question: What does the keyframe value tell me - effect size, time span?
    What preset value do you recommend?
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  • And is there any keyframe action for sound?
  • hello @underscore,

    The value parameter indicate the value taken by the selected keyframe. This could be the opacity, position, scale.
    Thus you can enter your value directly here.

    If you uses a sound file, you will have specific keyframes for "volume" and "play speed".
    They are used as any other keyframes.


  • oh my God, the software can do much more than anticipated.
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