Mediaserver ?


is there a media server that millumin works together with? So that the show runs on millumin and one computer
and the media is playbacked by the server. 

Kind regards pele2010


  • Hello @pele2010

    Millumin already is a media server, so I don't understand why you need another one. What do you exactly want to do ?

    Anyaway, know that if you need to to control Millumin from another software or computer, you can send it OSC message.
    Here is a tutorial. And here is the OSC documentation.
    Millumin also can send order to other software by unsing data track.

    Let me know if that answer your question.

    Sincerely yours,

  • Ok Nicolas, 

    so to get it right. If I have a stitched video of 12K that is splitted on 7 projectors
    then I take millumin and install it on an OS X Videoserver and I am done? 

    Or I run millumin on a Laptop and send the OSC signals to a server that playback the
    videos.  But then this Server should also run millumin, or? 

    Both machines are synched? 

    So if that is true, then I am interested if the "media server" is just a regular mac or are there some
    special specs. 

    kind regards pele2010

  • Hello @pelle2010,

    For example, if you need to project on a big surface, and need to run 3 instance of Millumin on three mac. To synchronize the launch of a new column on each Millumin instances, connect your mac to a same network. Then, use an application to send an OSC message to each Millumin : /millumin/action/launchNextColumn
    To send this message, you could use a data track in one of the Millumin instance, or SimpleSync.

    Let me know if that solve your problem.

    Sincerely yours,

  • Hi Nicolas ,

    Ok understand,

    I will fine this a shot.

    Sounds exciting.

    How do you deal with backup systems?

    With a mixer ?

    Have ever tested the spark d fuser (dvimixer) for such a Szenario ?

    Very good support


  • edited October 2016
    Hi @pele2010

    In a previous thread, we also explain how to set a Master/Slave relation between many instance of Millumin. I think you should have a look to synchronize multi-instances of Millumin.
    Spark D-Fuse is sold-out. To switch with 7 outputs, you could look to Blackmagic switchers.
    But let us know your solution for this, and how it works. So we can share it with other users.

  • Hey Nicolas, 

    I will check this. I have a spark D-fuse. So I can give this a try. And yes I was thinking of a BM Switcher. 
    thanxs for the information. 
    I will make a Setup in mid November and will keep you informed. 
    From Hamburg 
    all the best 


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