OSC Control Master/Slave

Hey there!

I am running two Macs for a show: 1 main and 1 backup: I would like to control the backup machine with OSC cues from the main machine. When I create a data track and send an OSC value (e.g. /millumin/action/launchNextColumn "value change") it works like a charm as long as I do not apply a fade time to the column. Actually that makes technically sense - the fade time applies to each layer and the OSC values fade too. Unfortunately the backup machine receives the OSC fade and jumps to the next column like 50 times (depending on fade time).

Has anybody an idea how to solve that? I want to be able to go to the next column (or to any column with a certain OSC value with /millumin/action/launchColumn "value").

Thanks and best.



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