Millumin 2 with Artnet Control


Wanting to see if anymore has a guide on how to get Artnet control for Millumin 2 from a Grandma 2 lighting console because when I go into interactive and go to Artnet it has a green dot next to it but it seems to have that all the time.

Also does anyone have a Grandma 2 fixture file for Millumin 2.

If anyone can help it would be great an I need to be able to do it this weekend.

(If not for Millumin 2 even Millumin 1 with Milluplug would be the next helpful thing)



  • Hello @LukeBoyd,

    Unless there is an issue with the network, Millumin is always able to create an Artnet node : so it's normal that it's green.
    Are you sure that your Grandma is sending Artnet to your computer ?

    Lastly, there is no fixture for Millumin : simply click on "Interactions" in the top-bar (or press CMD+M), then assign your Artnet signal to a function in Millumin. More info on this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe
  • edited May 2017
    I have been trying to get Millumin to see Art Net and it does not respond.
    I have tested to see if the computer is receiving Art Net through a third party app that confirms I am sending correct data.
    I have also tried to assign functions to layers and Millumin does not see the function.

    I have also tried to assign DMX function though the PRO Mk 2 and the computer sees the dongle but Millumin does not see the incoming DMX

    Thank you
  • Hello @Picassopro,

    What version of Artnet you're using ? Millumin supports Artnet V1 and V2, not V3.
    Also, be sure you selected the right network interface (wifi or ethernet) in the Device panel (press CMD+K, tab "DMX").

    Best. Philippe
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