Workspace Disabled facility

Hi there,

With what seems to be like a major few changes / updates / improvements to the Millumin 2 interface over the last few weeks, would the possible for me to once again suggest that the DISABLE WORKSPACE facility is brought back?

In MIllumin (1) this is a great feature as it would seem that quite a few times when navigating with the mouse, I "accidentally" select and move surfaces.

I don't necessarily want to h ave to LOCK the layers all the time as there are legitimate instances where I need to move things, but having the temporary WORKSPACE DISABLE feature was a god send.

I don't know if anyone else agrees?

Many thanks though for the continual support and upgrades

Best regards



  • Hello @scaryxpuppy,

    We are working on a different feature, that would be better than the old "disable workspace".
    Thank you for your patience.

    Best. Philippe
  • That's great news........ 

    Looking forward to it


  • Great to hear! Can be the difference of stable playback and the odd dropped frame on some shows.
  • Hello @lotech & @scarypuppy,

    Two features related to this thread have been shipped in lastest beta update (activate beta-channel from Preferences) :
    - disable workspace (disable mouse interactions and constant redraw)
    - freeze outputs (outputs are not redrawn, so you can work on something else, such as a timeline)

    These two features will also be shipped in next official update.
    Best. Philippe
  • That's great news........ Thanks for taking these points on board :)

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