Remaining time timecode


I need to use the remaining time panel to cue all the team of my show.
But, actually, the size is really small. Can we find a solution (with a third-program, I suppose) to have a big timecode on my screen ?



  • Thanks, but how to link Millumin and Timecode Display ? 
    With Qlab ? Any tutorial ?

  • hello @PPHHMM,

    Millumin doesn't support Midi timecode (MTC). So I don't think TimecodeDisplay will work.
    If you want to see the remaining/elapsed time of your medias, you can use those lemur bricks.

    You can also create your own application receiving the OSC Messages :

  • With Qlab ? Message in Millumin for Qlab ? Something like that ?
  • Hello @PPHHMM,

    Lemur bricks don't need Qlab to work. Just use the Lemur editor to had them in your template.
    Note that you can had multiple clocks just by changing the "watchedLayerIndex" option in Lemur.

    Otherwise, you can use any technologie of the developer kit  to create your own application.



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    I made an app with a help from my friend. 
    It reads the remaining time of the video and displays it. You can run it on your network or the same machine as Millumin.
    Get it from here:

    Setting up:
    From Interactions, choose Manage devices, from there: OSC- tab
    check both boxes "API feedback" and "Enable".
    To machine field, here the IP of the remote machine you have the clock app running, if you run this on the same machine than Millumin, "localhost" will do. Port is 8000.

    You have to rename the layers you want to monitor as "time" (without " ") you can select multiple layers, but if there are multiple videos playing at the same time, it will not work.

    There is a different display mode for videos that have the last frame frozen.

    If it gets stuck, hit any key to reset.

    When you have everything running, you can close the MAX console window, that is there just for troubleshooting, and to see that the OSC messages are coming in.

    I'm happy to hear any feedback

  • Amazing. This app is perfect. With localhost, it's perfect.
    Can I use it on another computer, setting the ip adresse ?
    Thanks for the great job...
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    Yes you can run it on remote computer.
    set your remote computers IP on the "to machine" field in Millumin OSC settings. And have the computers on same network.

    In the picture I have the remote machine at
    And the Millumin machine at
  • And forgot the picture :) Here it is.
  • Hi, great app, run well, thanks dnny!!
    Is it possible to get the time elapsed instead of the remaining time?

  • OgiOgi
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    Works perfectly, It will be useful for backstage.
    thanks a lot for your quick response dnny!
  • Nice useful app. Would it possible to make it so that when you resize the window, the clock scales with it? Thanks
  • Not working for me.  OSX High Sierra doesn't like it.  Says the file is "damaged".  Dnny, any luck with a rev update that might work on OSX High Sierra with M2.18 ?


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    Has anyone found out how to make the BigClockbyName or BigClockbyItem Lemur blocks work?  Even in the tutorial posted here: - I could not get the remaining time tab to work, even after fixing the typos in the code.

    Anyway, if anyone has a working way to pull remaining timecode by Layer name or Column name or any way really - from Millumin back into Lemur or another app, please let me know.  Seems everything that was once working has either been broken with OSX or Millumin updates, or the source code has been corrupted.   I'm stuck - Thanks..!

  • Hello @Jason_Vaughan

    I've tried the sample from the dev kit and they work on our side.
    Are you sure that your OSC configuration is working ? (Is this working with, basics Lemur buttons ?)
    Keep in mind that Lemur input port is 8000 by default and can't be changed. 

    What version of Millumin/macos are you using ? 



  • is millumin clock compatible with Mojave?

    I tried an installation but the following message appeared: "file damaged ..."

    Thank you in advance for your answers
  • Hi, i have tried installing on Mojave and i get the same problem, is there a working version around?
  • It would be nice if I could add the current columns time count, whether up or down, as an object that could be placed on a layer.

    Right now, I send an extra output to our Video Switcher so they can add it to the multiview to the show TD.
    On that output I add a clock MP4 video - and set the IN to the length of the videos.
    Its a bit of a workaround - but works ok. But could be made easier.

  • Hi Dnny,
    this download link does not work:
    Can You please send a working one?
  • Hello @dnny

    The Links above are not working anymore, any chance you can re-link me?

    Let me know,


  • Yes I would like this app as well :-)

  • @dnny @Millumin like a lot of the folks above, I'd love to use this app!

    Is there an active link available to download? 😀

  • Hello @dnny @ethan_tripp @jrunyon529 @jaconiel @sevov,

    I created a similar template for Open Stage Control : see the attachment below.

    Here is a picture of the interface :

    It works the same way as the application of @dnny : be sure to activate API feedback in Millumin's OSC settings, and name your layer "time".

    Best. Philippe

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    Very good, I hope you can provide a countdown script, thank you very much!

  • Hello @123ms ,

    Here is an update :

    Note that you can modify this file to match your needs.

    Best. Philippe

  • @Millumin how/where do I install this?

  • Hello @craigreilly,

    You need Open Stage Control : see previous messages.

    Best. Philippe

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    Thank you - all new to me. Got it going.

    I'm pulling this in thru a Safari browser. I am overlaying this on the video in the TD's view.

    I found the key to make it automatically count down instead of up. Got rid of the "hours" section.

    Little by little figuring out how to modify.

  • Hello @craigreilly,

    Last version of "LayerClock.json" got such a countdown button :

    If you want to customize the behavior, you can edit the template directly with  Open Stage Control.

    Best. Philippe

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