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I need to use the remaining time panel to cue all the team of my show.
But, actually, the size is really small. Can we find a solution (with a third-program, I suppose) to have a big timecode on my screen ?



  • Thanks, but how to link Millumin and Timecode Display ? 
    With Qlab ? Any tutorial ?

  • hello @PPHHMM,

    Millumin doesn't support Midi timecode (MTC). So I don't think TimecodeDisplay will work.
    If you want to see the remaining/elapsed time of your medias, you can use those lemur bricks.

    You can also create your own application receiving the OSC Messages :

  • With Qlab ? Message in Millumin for Qlab ? Something like that ?
  • Hello @PPHHMM,

    Lemur bricks don't need Qlab to work. Just use the Lemur editor to had them in your template.
    Note that you can had multiple clocks just by changing the "watchedLayerIndex" option in Lemur.

    Otherwise, you can use any technologie of the developer kit  to create your own application.



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    I made an app with a help from my friend. 
    It reads the remaining time of the video and displays it. You can run it on your network or the same machine as Millumin.
    Get it from here:

    Setting up:
    From Interactions, choose Manage devices, from there: OSC- tab
    check both boxes "API feedback" and "Enable".
    To machine field, here the IP of the remote machine you have the clock app running, if you run this on the same machine than Millumin, "localhost" will do. Port is 8000.

    You have to rename the layers you want to monitor as "time" (without " ") you can select multiple layers, but if there are multiple videos playing at the same time, it will not work.

    There is a different display mode for videos that have the last frame frozen.

    If it gets stuck, hit any key to reset.

    When you have everything running, you can close the MAX console window, that is there just for troubleshooting, and to see that the OSC messages are coming in.

    I'm happy to hear any feedback

    Screenshot 2017-04-17 22.05.16.jpg
    2730 x 2212 - 233K
  • Amazing. This app is perfect. With localhost, it's perfect.
    Can I use it on another computer, setting the ip adresse ?
    Thanks for the great job...
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    Yes you can run it on remote computer.
    set your remote computers IP on the "to machine" field in Millumin OSC settings. And have the computers on same network.

    In the picture I have the remote machine at
    And the Millumin machine at
  • And forgot the picture :) Here it is.
    1172 x 846 - 112K
  • Hi, great app, run well, thanks dnny!!
    Is it possible to get the time elapsed instead of the remaining time?

  • OgiOgi
    edited May 2017
    Works perfectly, It will be useful for backstage.
    thanks a lot for your quick response dnny!
  • Nice useful app. Would it possible to make it so that when you resize the window, the clock scales with it? Thanks
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