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Hello !, very good job with the millumin 2.
My question is:
before the millumin1 (and the milluplug) had more options with audio.
Specifying had an option for my shows work very well, the option was an audio input (mic).
In version 2 I have not found that option.
Where is this option?

In version 1 could also open the audio console, now in version 2 can not.
In addition as watching the tutorial with Ableton live it is made for version 1 and not with V2


It would be great tutorials KINECT integration with MILLUMIN, I have not found anything for version 2

Anyway congratulations for the work albeit at the expense of audio options. (As I understand)



  • Hello @rtmusica,

    Millumin V1 never had an option for the microphone : it's only present in MilluPlug.
    You can use SoundTransformer with Millumin V2 (have a look to OSC documentation to choose which parameter/action to control). But I guess you should create an idea on Uservoice, so we implement audio signals in Millumin V2 interactions (it helps us to keep track of user requests).
    Keep in mind that MilluPlug and SoundTransformer are both applications from our lab. There are not Millumin.

    Regarding the tutorial for audio routing with Ableton Live : the process is exactly the same with Millumin V1 or V2. You have to open the "Audio MIDI Setup" application from Apple, then create an "aggregate device" with SoundFlower to audio can be spread from Millumin to Ableton Live.

    Lastly, Kinect support is easy in Millumin V2 : plug your Kinect to your computer (any Kinect, except Kinect 2 for XBox-one). Then create an interaction : see this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe
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