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    With MilluPlug, you can easily collaborate with other applications or devices. It supports many standards such as MIDI, OSC, DMX, Artnet, Arduino, ...

    Please download the lastest version, and send some feedback !

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  • Woooooow, You just have realised all my dreams. Thankkkkss a lot.

    It's amazing all the capabilities which is available !!

    well job !
  • It looks really amazing! 

    Is it possible to use it with ENTTEC USB PRO Mk2? (I just want to decide which model to buy from ENTTEC website).

  • Hello @lukas,

    I tested MilluPlug against the classic Enttec USB Pro, but I also ordered a "Mk2" for futher testing : I should received it next week.
    I think the "Mk2" is better is many points (Enttec next generation), and you should buy this one.

    Best. Philippe
  • It Would be nice to have the option "multiple OSC targets" for control multiple OSC devices from Millumin.
  • Very cool! Looks brilliant :)
  • Hey Philippe!

    Very nice to see that the MilliPlug is now a puclic release!

    I've got two questions:

    - will it be possible to change the (four) mapping/corner points of a layer via MilluPlug? (as it is with TouchOSC)
    - Will it be possible to save to a file? I'd like to have more different list of 'plugs' and also to transfer between different computers. Opening a file with al the different plugs would be great! (or tell me where you saving this now)

  • Hello @Maarten,

    To reply to your questions :
    • Will it be possible to change the (four) mapping/corner points of a layer via MilluPlug ?
      It's not planned and I'm wondering why it could be useful : please describe me a concrete case ? Tell me the story ...

    • Will it be possible to save to a file ?
      It's not planned either sorry.
      In the long term, MilluPlug is meant to be included directly in Millumin with such features (import/export configurations).

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe,

    Thanx for your answer. 

    Why it will be useful to change the corner points of a layer trough Artnet? If it is, I'm able to animate the corner points from a lighting desk in a cue, or I will be able to make changes to layers when running a show at different theaters /locations every nigh directly from my lighting desk.

    It's just that I'm using these possibilities on media servers like Hippotizer and Catalyst. I know that Millumin isn't a media server, but that's why I'm asking.

    Kind regards,

  • When Vezer is out it will be possible to keyframe points using MIDI or OSC. It's release is imminent.
  • Hello @Maarten,

    Ok, I'll try to add mapping point into MillyPlug as soon as possible.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @lukas,

    I confirm : next release of MilluPlug (coming soon) will support "Enttec USB Pro Mk2".
    I also ran tests with the "Enttec Open DMX Ethernet ODE" : it's perfectly working (via Artnet of course).

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe,

    As you have recommend to me I have ordered Mk2 (from yesterday I have it in my hand) and I borrowed one intelligent head (Robe LedWash 600) for testing. Till now no luck with Milluplug but I can't find event some useful and cheap software for manage DMX light. I will write to you separate email with description what I want to solve with Millumin and DMX lights. :)

  • Hello @lukas,

    As said in my previous message, Mk2 will be supported by next version (coming soon).
    Chameleon ( is a nice tool to test (or manage) DMX lights.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe,

    Congrats with a great project. I'm really looking forward to seeing this MilluPlug being finished.

    One thing I've noticed is the incompatibility with Madmapper/madlight. Hope you'll be able to fix this. It's probably because of some crash between the DMX-routings or something.

    I would like to be able to use Milluplug with all its features, except the DMX if necessary, at the same time as I'm using Madmapper/madlight.

  • Hello @bnvisuals,

    I don't think the MilluPlug behavior will be changed this way. However, a simple workaround consists in starting MilluPlug before pluging the Enttec device, so it won't be detected at startup (in the next version, you'll be able to redetect it later on).

    Best. Philippe
  • Millumin + Milluplug + Enttec USB Pro Mk2

    Dear Philippe.

    As I wrote last week - I got my Enttec and I started to solve my "millimun&light" vision. ;) Idea is very simple - to create complete audiovisual show (projection, audio, lights, lasers, ...) and manage it from Millumin (with connections to other apps). 

    Short description HOW I am using Millumin till now:
    I am used to create project mainly for company events - so my type of using MIllumin is starting from simple "media manager" and growing to video mappings and interactive shows. It means 1-5 layers in dashboard, 3-20 columns in dashboard and sometime a composition (and output to 1-3 "projectors or LED screens"). Each column is dedicated to some part of the event (visitors are coming to event, starting show, animated backgrounds for PIP, intermezzo, ...). No VJing or similar types of use. 

    What I want to achieve:
    Ad lights which will work in sync with individual videos in my project. (I need to mention - I am TOTAL amateur in any lightning solution, so at first I do a bit research and I tried to learn about DMX protocol, lights, lighting consoles, software solutions etc. )

    Based of your suggestion and your tutorials I made my first testing setup which covers my future needs. After my research I decided to don't manage lights directly from MIllumin/Milluplug but to use specialized app for DMX controlling and use Millupug to "remotely" control this app. 

    What I have used:
    MacBook Pro Retina 15
    Millimun 1.34
    • Millumin - simple project with one composition (one layer with video) including named cue points
    • Milluplug - three plugs to listen OSC messages from cue points and send OSC messages to QLC+ (I dint manage listening OSC messages directly between Millumin and QLC+, all cue point seems to QLC+ same ... no parameters with cue name - so just for this workaround I used Milluplug)
    • QLC+  - I created 3 very simple light scenes with intelligent heads from ROBE (green light to one direction, red to other direction, yellow strobe to celling)
    • KORG nanoPAD2 - just to easily manage MIllumin dashboard (MIDI mapping of columns) 
    And thats it. :)

    Philippe - thank you for improving Millumin!!!

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  • Thank you @lukas for sharing your experience !
    I post this video on Millumin's Facebook wall with your credit. I hope it'd inspire other folks :)
  • Hi!

    I have the exact same problem as @Maarten - the shows has to tour- so its a new theatre with a new mapping every day.

    So controlling the mapping with presets in millumin and with artnet is very crucial.

    Thanks :)

  • Hello @sorkc,

    I think mapping-points should come in the next update for MilluPlug. I don't have a release date yet, but it should be long (in august probably).

    Best. Philippe
  • Checking out Milliplug. Interface is very clear and I am looking forward to integrating it into a forthcoming show I am working on.

    Unfortunately for the moment I am not able to trigger a light using a cue point. 

    - The ENTTEC USB PRO is working because I can run the test from Milliplug
    - I do notice that in the settings panel of Milliplug there is no status for the device, just a brief text explanation
    - There is a problem that when running the test in Milliplug that there is no simple way of turning off the lights within the software. I end up needing to restart the computer or probably do something else fancy to shut the lights off

    I understand that the software is new and I also have to add that my knowledge of DMX is still within the realm of the theoretical, so bare with me if I am missing something.

    Perhaps the problem is because I am using the 64 bit version of the FTDI driver?

    Any feedback will be extremely welcome.
  • Retina, Mid 2012 15"
    2.3 GHz Intel Core i7
    OS X 10.8.4
  • Hello @silant,

    Next version of MilluPlug will tell you if your Enttec is connected or not. It will also support DMX input.
    As now, you can only send a positive DMX value if you use the "when a cuepoint is reached". But again, next version will add the possibility to force a value : for example zero, to switch off the light.

    This new version should come in 1 or 2 weeks.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you @Millumin :)
  • Hello,

    A new update for MilluPlug is available : just check for updates ...
    In brief :
    • DMX signal in (new type of plug)
    • Support for Enttec DMX Pro Mk2
    • Minimum/maximum values for signals out
    • Midi sources and destinations (settings)
    • Fix : notes with Ableton Live

    Best. Philippe

    CC @lukas @silant
  • A new version is available (1.17).
  • hi i am millumin test plug but can not find in the option anywhere to save my work, as is done? I have to redo work every time you connect?

    thanks and regards.
  • Hello @circasu,

    The configuration is saved automatically if you got a Millumin's license.
    If not, you cannot save your configuration. Sorry.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe,

    any news on the moving mapping points through artnet/dmx or keyframes?
    I am trying to pitch Millumin to a long time Catalyst user and I need to copy the programming of a show that has been done in Catalyst. 
    It has moving scenery with projection mapped on it...


  • Hello @sanderloonen,

    Sorry but it's not possible. At least for now.
    Keyframes for mapping are in the making, but I cannot give you a release date for the moment. Sorry.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe,

    can MillluPlug be used to have one Millumin control another Millumin on a second computer?

    An example use:
    On the first computer, Board 3, when I Play column 10 it also plays column 3 of Millumin on the 2nd computer.


  • Hello @dekard97,

    Yes you can do it via MilluPlug, by creating "OSC plugs".
    However, if your setup is complex, I suggest you to create your own patch (see the developer-kit). I think it'll fit better your need if there are very specific.

    Best. Philippe
  • I would certainly have about 30 cues where I'd want to sync Millumin 1 to Millumin 2.

    Can I write an OSC command and kind of just drop it in one column on a layer? So when I play that column it would trigger the OSC command thus playing a column on Millumin 2. Kind of like SimpleSync but more specific.


  • Hello @deckard97,

    Yes, you can do it via MilluPlug, by creating a "Millumin" plug that sends an OSC message. But you cannot do it directly in Millumin.

    Best. Philippe
  • And just out of curiosity, when you say to create my own patch, in the end that would be something running outside Millumin that I would use to trigger Millumin, right?

  • Hi everybody!

    I have a little question about MilluPlug, and i'd like to have your feedback on it.
    I set MilluPlug up to change X and Y positions of 6 sliced layers in my composition, corresponding to a Midi fader on a Korg NanoKontrol.
    Meanwhile, I have a MIDI mapping on Millumin, to launch/stop/change opacity of layers and columns.
    I noticed that, if I move the Midi fader, it does change the X/Y positions of my layers, but while it's moving, Millumin isn't responding to my MIDI orders corresponding to the Millumin mapping anymore. It comes back after the layers are done with the orders from Milluplug.
    Is there any way, for you, to be able to keep the MIDI/Millumin control while the Milluplug orders are acting?

    Thanks in advance, and sorry if I can't make myself crystal-clear ;-)

  • Hello @deckard97,

    Yes exactly. That's why I advise you to use the developer-kit. It's a good starting point, and easy to understand.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @vbaudron,

    I tested and I couldn't reproduce this problem. Check that you don't have any MIDI conflict, and that your machine can handle many MIDI messages at the same time.
    MIDI signals are available to all applications, and cannot be "taken and not released" by one application.

    To my mind, the best solution is probably to stick with the simple MIDI mapping in Millumin : you can map X/Y directly (for a specific layer, or only the selected one).

    Best. Philippe
  • Dear @Millumin,

    I'll try to reproduce it soon, as soon I have time for it ;-)
    The MIDI machine does handle many MIDI messages at the same time… (even many… many!).
    We wanted to do it directly through Millumin, but the thing is that, as far as I know, it's not possible to map several controls with the same MIDI data (which could be a possible evolution for a next update ;-)).
    In our example, moving one MIDI fader would change X and Y values for at least 6 layers.



  • I'll try Milluplug because I would really prefer running everything from Millumin. Having one Millumin control another would be ideal.

    Or maybe I'll setup a Qlab to conrol both Millumin

  • I am using Millumin w/ Milluplug for some effect for a New Years party. I have a few questions....

    1. Where is your programming saved? I dont see a save as function. I recently reopened Milluplug and all my programming is gone!! This is quite a problem for me due to the number of plugs Im using for programming. Please help.

    2. Can Milluplugs programming be transferred to another machine. I have multiple licenses of Milluplug on order and was hoping to copy the content as well as the Milluplug programming to another work station.

    Thanks in advance for the help
  • Hello @dhobson,

    To reply to your questions :
    1. The configuration is saved only if you got a Millumin's license activated on your computer.

    2. As now, there is no option to import/export MilluPlug's configuration, but you can copy the file "/Users/username/Library/Preferences/com.anomes.MilluPlug.plist" where are stored the data.
      Keep in mind that MilluPlug is an experimental application.

    Best. Philippe
  • We found it.  Thank you Philippe!

    I am having one other issue.  The Artnet control appears to only work on one machine at a time via milluplug.  I have ch. 1 set up to change a column and wanted to trigger a couple different machines.  It seems to work well on one, but we cant seem to figure out how to get 2 machines to respond to the same command.  It may be the virtual lighting desk software we are using but I just thought Id ask if you've seen this come up before.
  • Hello @dhobson.

    I guess your virtual lighting desk software cannot send an Artnet signal to 2 different destinations.
    The software probably detects automatically one machine that accept Artnet, then set up this machine as the destination. If you start MilluPlug on another machine, it's simply ignored.
    Please contact the support of your software, and ask them how to send same Artnet signals to multiple destinations.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : I delete your other post about Artnet-MilluPlug (as you already asked the same question here)
  • Hello,

    MilluPlug is amazing!  Thanks.

    Any word on when it will be integrated into Millumin so we can save/import/export as I am using it for multiple projects and would like to use it for more... collaborating with ableton and enttec?


  • Hello @dodgeroo,

    MilluPlug will be very probably integrated in Millumin. But for now, I cannot give you a date, sorry.
    Also, remember that you can submit ideas on Uservoice : it helps us to keep track of user requests.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe,

    Today I started MilluPlug and it told me there was an update. I continued the update and restarted MilluPlug, but now it crashes on startup. 

    I attached the Apple Crash Report.

  • Hello @Maarten,

    Sorry for this version 1.19 that should have been public.
    I fixed everything and you can now update to MilluPlug v.1.20 safely.

    Best. Philippe
  • hello, is there anyway to save the settings you make of milluplug you call according to the draft this done? milluplug settings will be different for each project.
    thanks and regards.

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