KinectMask, dynamic masking
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    With KinectMask, you can create a dynamic and organic mask, based on the depth.
    Please download it, and send me feedback !

    To use it :
    1. Plug your Kinect and launch KinectMask2Syphon
    2. In Millumin, create a layer on top of the other layers your want to mask
    3. From the library, use the Syphon server called "KinectMask2Syphon"

    Only Kinect 1414 is currently supported. Kinect for Windows and Kinect 1473 are not.

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  • This is only working for me about a third of the time. Sometimes it comes right up, working, but most times it simply does nothing. All I can do is open and close it over and over, sometimes dozens of times, before it opens and has a signal. Is there something I'm missing, some process or procedure that will allow it to work each time I open it? It was dependable the first few times I tried it, so I built it into a show I am producing, but now it won't open at all. Anyone have an idea?
  • Hello @jinx75,

    It seems to be a Kinect connection problem. Be sure you plugged the Kinect directly to your USB port (no USB hub).
    For info, I'm using the Freenect library to connect to the Kinect.

    I sent you an email with some testing applications, so we could dig your issue.

    Best. Philippe
  • Does this work with the PC-version or the 360-version?
  • Hello @bnvisuals,

    The test was made with the 360-version but it should work with the PC-version. Which do you have ?

    Best. Philippe
  • I used to have the 360 version but it recently quit on me. Have experienced that the PC-version does not work with other software. So I guess I should get the 360 version again. It's also cheaper.
  • Hello,

    If an object moves in the scene (Ballon, falling object ...), is it detected as the human body in your exemple ?

  • Hello @pseudolive,

    Yes, KinectMask will detect anything : you just set the near/far distance, and it creates a mask where there is something between these distances.
    Am I clear ?

    Best. Philippe
  • Perfect, thanks a lot for your answer.

  • Do you know why I'm getting these lines in the background of the mask in Millumin but not in KinectMask2Syphon?

    Everything looks fine in glview also.

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  • Hello @deckard97,

    Sorry but this is a problem on a few computers. It's because of the Kinect libraries.
    A quick fix is to duplicate the layer, and move it by 1 pixels : so the transparent lines are covered.

    Another solution is to use Synapse instead (it uses another Kinect libraries).

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi.

    Will tehere be other App for the millenium use with sensors like Kinect?

  • Will there be any other App for Millumin, using kinect? Is it possible to use this app with 2 kinects?
  • Hello @flcanga,

    No, there is no other app. But you can use Synapse.
    If you wanna use 2 Kinect, you'll have to build your own app : Openframeworks and ofxKinect is a good start.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi @Millumin

    I'm having the same problem that @deckard97 posted about the lines in the background.

    I couldn't get a good result by doing the "quick fix" you said (duplicating the layer and moving it by 1 pixel), nor by using Synapse.

    Is there a way that I could upgrade (or resinstall) the Kinect libraries? Or use different Kinect libraries in Millumin (or any other program that accepts Syphon)?

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards

  • Hello @SandroMiccoli,

    The Kinect is not very accurate, and you cannot have a "good result".
    There is no difference between KinectMask and Synapse (except the drivers in Synapse, that support the very recent Kinect, but don't improve the quality at all).

    You should use an infrared camera with more "lines" to get better results.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Millumin,

    Will you be updating the drivers in KinectMask to support the new Kinect 360 sensor?
    I just bought a Kinect sensor, it works with Synapse, but I can't see anything in KinectMask.

  • Hello neil_hollands,

    I've been working on a new application to control more things with Kinect (such s gestures), and support the new Kinect for 360. But unfortenatly, I do'nt have a release date to give you.
    If you need a tutorial to do the same thing as KinectMask with Synapse, please write me an email :

    Best. Philippe
  • Does exist the option feather on this kinectmask?

  • Hello @aramirez,

    There is no feather option, but you can easily add a blur effect, directly in Millumin.

    Best. Philippe
  • [google translator, i'm brazilian]
    I am having the same problem with the vertical and horizontal lines.
    the solutions presented were not successful.
    is there any update or other forecasting solution available?
  • Hello @elder_maxwhite,

    Sorry but there is no solution. However you can use Synapse instead (it uses more recent Kinect libraries).

    Best. Philippe
  • do you have a model/make of the alternate to the kinect camera?

  • Hello @cvudrew,

    As far as I know, there isn't much alternative : Xtion Pro or PrimeSense Sensor.
    An infrared camera could be a good choice too.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hey! please help, i´m completely new in this topics, so i already downloaded kinectmask2syphon, and the app do not show any image. I used the app called "kinectsyphon" to verify if my kinect is ok or not, so in kinectsyphon works fine.
    But my question is why in kinectmas2syphon is not working? please consider that i´m new and i´m getting started! 
    Thank you
    J. Carlos
  • Hello @alonsoriveral,

    If no image is shown in "KinectMask2Syphon" application, it's because your Kinect model is not supported (firmware changed over the years, please refer to the previous message of this topic).
    Another solution is to use Synapse.

    Best. Philippe
  • hello , i just got your app.    in KinectMask2Syphon i DO get de depth field, i get a signal from kinekt.  however, my syphon simple client is not showing up anything. so i cannot route to my arena.   anyone knows what may be causing the problem?  i know my syphon is working because at same time i opened airbeam camera through my iphone and got image in simple client.

    kinekt version is 1414  from 360
    im using osx 10.9.2 2.5 Ghz  16 ram  

    hope someone can help.   greetings and thanks in advance.


  • hello Philippe,

    i'm trying to use this....
    it works perfectly on my computer.
    when i test it on the stage computer, it freeze. i click pause two times and it goes for a moment and freeze again.
    i loose my temper on it... you may have an idea ?

    a lib non installed ?
    technically, the only difference is the stage computer got ssd disk.


  • Hello @zer,

    Did you try to use another USB port : sometimes the Kinect is reluctant at connecting to some low powered USB ports.
    SSD or not, it won't make a difference.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi 
    I would like to know if the Kinect 1473 is still not supported? by KinectMask

  • Thanks
  • Hello @thyeks,

    As written in the first message : "Only Kinect 1414 is currently supported. Kinect for Windows and Kinect 1473 are not."

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi at all,

    I have a innovative idea for Millumin. To possibly to give the Kinect2MaskSyphon project more priority.
    This would also be a unique feature compared to all other professional products on the market.

    First, the problem, imagine the following:

    - The customer wants to have a large-covered backdrop for his stage.
    - This is covered in the rule several times so that it is opaque.
    - The highest-related material is generally printed! What is usually very expensive because the recessed screen surfaces also run through the printing press and will be charged.
    - The canvas is cut and it is a rear projection screen installed. Due to the fact that with this, the speaker is not illuminated by the projector. This is also known to be better for the camera image.

    Now the solution:

    - This would be a classic case where Millumin with its mapping capabilities with a front projection can fully come into play.
    - A complete-covered backdrop in white without the necessary canvas cutouts.
    - The use of a Kinect2MaskSyphon on the stage area to give the speakers a mask as followspot.
    - It would be necessary to use multiple Kinects to capture a larger stage area.

    Arguments for our customers would be the following:

    - No necessarily expensive prints are longer necessary.
    - No presentation would be projected on the speakers faces and bodys in a front projection.
    - The usual color printing according to the customers request is realized by Millumin.
    - For the White Balance of the cameras, the followspot of kinect can be set in any colour in Millumin ;).

    However, I also have problems with the kinect. On the MacBook Pro, it works flawlessly. On the MacPro I also have the horizontal and vertical lines. The move to more pixels does not really help here. It probably depends on some library files. But I do not know which files. I´m using the Kinect 1414 model.

    With Synapse I do not know how I could get the input signal in Millumin? Should i use QC?

    How about the basic act, with an infrared camera in this case?

    kind regards
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  • Hello @CitizenCaine,

    Thank you the idea.
    However, the very first step would be to provide a version that supports all the Kinect correctly (including the 1473 model). Then we could study your idea.

    In the meantime, you could use Synapse : there are some tutorials on their website, especially how to share the Kinect result via Syphon (for this, yes you will need Quartz Composer).

    Best. Philippe
  • I'd love a version with Kinnect#1473's support :-)
  • HEY 
  • Hello @lizzblog,

    As written in the first message : "Only Kinect 1414 is currently supported. Kinect for Windows and Kinect 1473 are not."
    That's why you got a black screen.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : I deleted your same message that you post on this thread, because it wasn't the right topic
  • Hi there
    Thanks for sharing this app.  I was so excited, it may sound crazy, but I had no idea the Kinect could be tilted remotely.  I nearly fell off my chair when I heard it buzzing and tilting behind me!
    The depth image is brilliant compared to the one I'm getting via Synapse, but I can't get it to appear in Syphon.  Kinectmask2Syphon appears in the dropdown, but I just get a black screen.
    I'm using a 1414 on Mac OS X 10.10
    Any ideas?
  • Hello @RexTheRunt,

    The image sent via Syphon has black and transparent areas.
    Please follow the tutorial in the first message for more information.

    Best. Philippe

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