Using Blackmagic H.264 Pro Recorder as an input

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Hi there!

We just bought a H.264 Pro Recorder from Blackmagic for some needs, and I was wondering if we could use it with Millumin as an input. As it is more or less acting like an acquisition card, I assume that could be possible.
Did anyone ever try or succeed to do that?
I saw that most of Blackmagic products were supported, maybe this one could be as well Philippe?

Thanks in advance!


For lazy guys, the link to the product ;-)


  • Hello @vbaudron,

    Most Blackmagic product are supported by OSX, so by Millumin.
    However, very recent product such as Intensity Thunderbolt are not well supported by OSX. That's why I created a mini-application with the own-BM drivers.

    Now, I'm supposed to integrate this mini-app directly in Millumin. As it uses the BM drivers, it has the best support and performance ;)

    Best. Philippe

    PS : I sent you this mini-app in your mailbox
  • Hello vbaudron

    I would like to know if it's work well, because I think it's the only product I can use with my macbook air within thunderbolt or firewire.


    (Sorry for my english)
  • Hi Philippe and Vincent.

    I just bought new BMD - Ultrastudio Mini Recorder. It works fine with OSX and Millumin. :) I have tried three different inputs - iPad2 over HDMI (720p 60fps - works), Panasonic P2 over SDI (1080i 29,97fps - works) and Canon 550D over HDMI (no chance to get it works with BMD). Tomorrow I want try Panasonic GH2 hacked over HDMI - so I will let you know. (and in couple of days I will have GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition - so next try)

    My configuration is MacBook 15 Retina, 255 SSD, 16GB RAM - so there is more solutions to get source into Millumin on Mac with Thunderbolt. And Mini Recorder is even very cheap. ;) 

    I try how is the performance - three played layers, rotated, scaled, masked and slightly warped with mesh - all containing one input from Panasonic P2 1080i. Performance is great. 


    P.S. Philippe, can you send me your mini-app, please? Just to compare with standard configuration. 
  • Hi Philippe,
    I've a Retina and yesterday I bought a Blackmagic intensity shuttle with thunderbold but nothing, no video signal! Maybe can you send me your mini-app please? :) thanks!
  • Hello,

    @chemar & @lukas : I sent you the mini-application via email.

    @Manouche35 : I'm working with @vbaudron to find a way to use the H.264 Pro Recorder.

    Best. Philippe.
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    @vbaudron : What's news ? Is it works with the H.264 Pro Recorder ?
    Thanks !
  • Hi Philippe

    Could you send me the mini app for BMD products? I'm interested to use the H264 encoder as well as live feed.


  • Hello @paulg,

    I sent you both mini-application.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @manouche35,

    PaulG confirmed me that the H.264 Pro Recorder works great with my mini-application.
    I hope you're happy ;)

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi everybody,

    Sorry for not being able to answer and work with both of you, I've been very busy this last month and will have a chance to test it in 2013, thanks PaulG for confirming!

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    I've recently got the BM Mini Recorder and it is working, though only in 1080p24 and with more latency than through the BM-media express.

    Is the BM mini-application baked in too millumin now or should I use it?

    Could you send it to me?

  • Hello @bnvisuals,

    I just sent you an email with the mini-application (not included in Millumin for the moment).

    Best. Philippe
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    Great stuff!

    This solution is the definitive best so far. 
    From my testing I've found:
    1. B2M(syphon) - Millumin = 0.14s delay
    2. ResolumArena(syphon) - Millumin = 0.15s delay
    3. MediaExpress = 0.19s delay
    4. ResolumeArena = 0.21s delay 
    5. Modul8 = 0.24s delay  

    My setup is:
    MBPr 2.7
    16GB RAM
    Gopro Hero3 (black) 1080p24
    BMD Mini recorder (HDMI)

  • hola, tabajo en hangar musical   mi jefe "box" Rafael Bayter [], compro el mmillumin, necesito hacer una presentacion capturando unas camaras SDHDI con una blackmagic UltraStudio 3, pero no me funciona en un macbook pro 13" me aunal la salida hdmi de la tarjeta
  • hi, i have a macbook pro 13" i need support

    UltraStudio 3D sendig and output directly via I/O device, help..

  • Hello @dfarcila,

    I sent you an email with the mini-application for Blackmagic cards.

  • can you sent me mini-application,i have a bmd card. i want test.
  • Hello @wei,

    I sent you an email with the mini-application for Blackmagic cards.

    Have a nice day. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe im just at the playing with stage with this program and i must say so far so go, very intuative but i do use a Blackmagic Intensity Thunderbolt card and i was wondering if you could email me the app to use this capture card within millumin.

    Many Thanks


    I sent just you an email with the mini-app.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello.

    I just started testing your interresting app and like it so far! I have the H264 Pro recorder and would like to see it as an input source.

    Can you please send me the mini app?


  • Hello @storeslem,

    I just send you an email with the mini-application.

  • Hi Philippe:
    Could you send me the mini app for BMD H.264 Pro Recorder ? I'm interested to use it as well as live feed.
  • Hello @kevinlam61,

    I just send you an email with the mini-application.

  • Can I get in on this BMD mini app?  I just got a  BMD H.264 Pro Recorder and would love to use it next week.
    much respect on this project
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  • Hello @cmontour & @dreamrec,

    I just send you an email with the mini-application.

  • Hi Philippe,
    I would like to use Ultrastudio 3D via TB can you send me the mini app! Thanks
  • Hello @joemagg,

    I just send you an email with the mini-application.

  • Hello Philippe,

    Could you send me the mini-app?

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