Millumin and Ableton Live

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Hello Philippe I would like to know how can I sync Ableton live in one computer and Millumin in another computer. I saw the tutorial posted by you but I would need to do that on different laptops, I think via Lan cable connection between both of the machines, and what I would need is just simply to make both software´s timelines to start and stop at one command. Any suggestion? 
Thank you so much and great software! 


  • Hello @skunx10,

    For the moment, there is no easy way.
    But you should try with OSCulator :
    1. Create a Quartz patch to send 2 OSC messages, one for Millumin, one for Live
    2. Run OSCculator on every machine and route the message into a MIDI note
    3. Midi-map the 2 notes on Millumin and Live, to start/stop the timelines

    I know it's not perfect, but it should work for now.


  • So if the solution is midi , maybe ipmidi should work fine! 
    It would be great to have some kind of SimpleSync between Millumin and Ableton live! just a suggestion!
  • Hello @skunx10,

    Thanx. I didn't know this small-app.
    More collaboration between Millumin and Live is planned, but not right now, sorry.

    Best. Philippe.
  • Hello Phillipe, so I´ve been trying a new setup to work with live and millumin in two different laptops and I´m having an odd problem when mapping midi to millumin.
    I just want to map the start button in a composition with the same midi note that starts the timeline in ableton live. 
    For that purpose I´m using a kaos pad as midi controller, connected to a midi interface ( MAudio midisport 2x2) one midi output from this midi interface goes to an Audio interface ( MAudio fast track 4 x4 ) connected to live in one laptop, and the midi interface usb is connected to the other laptop with millumin.
    When I map a button of the kaos pad to the play button of ableton live the playback starts without problem, but when I map the same button from the kaos pad to the playblack button of Millumin I get an on/off/on/off signal all the time.
    I mean the midi mapping works but I get a continuos signal that starts and stops the composition endlessly. Is there any way to solve this ? and get just an simple on message? or any other way to achive a similar result? 
  • Hello @skunx10,

    I think the problem comes the value returned by the MIDI note : if you maintain the Kaos button, does it play, and when you release the Kaos button, does it stop ?
    If so, your Kaos button is sending 2 notes : one when pressing, one when releasing. And you don't want that.

    Could you check that the note OFF send a zero value, and the note ON a number different than zero ? You should be able to setup these 2 values on your Kaos Pad.

    Do you have Aftertouch activated on your Kaos Pad ?

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe

    Could you please tell me what is the best way to sync millumin and ableton on a single computer?

    Ideally, I would like to be able to press play on ableton OR millumin and have the playhead stay in sync on both programs. Is this possible?

  • Im currently using showsync MTC bridge but this only works when pressing play in Ableton, and not in Milllumin.

  • Hello @streamline,

    I think you should choose one way, not both.

    However, you can simply send a MIDI note from Ableton to launch a column in Millumin, and send a MIDI note from Millumin to start Ableton timeline.

    Best. Philippe

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