Layers and Comps and Boards oh my!!

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I have been using Millumin for about three months and I love the simplicity and its ability to work from performing live shows. I have had multiple crashes in circumstances where I am either packing to much media throughout multiple boards/layers/Comps. While I have read to that there is no limit to layers, Im wondering what others have found and if there is an ideal /more efficient approaches to working with these three.

Crashes and bugs are media not accurately playing, frames jumping, app crashes, (noticed specifically when i have some media in playing and workspace preferences are changed)

Thanks cant wait to see how this program grows!


  • Hello @joemagg,

    Sorry about the "workspace preferences" crash : I fixed it for the next release (due on monday or tuesday).

    About your other problem (media not accurately playing, frames jumping) : did you try with an external and fast harddrive ? what is your configuration (maybe you're reaching the limits) ?

    Best. Philippe.
  • So I just performed a show last night with this setup. MBP 2011 / OS 10.8 /128gd SSD for Project Media / Monitoring to 2 X Christie Roadster 1OK via Matrox Triple Head DP …

    So I had begun to build the project file this past week. i created about 3 Boardsnand around five compositions for various timing - cue needs. Most all my media was either in PNG w/Alpha / Animation or MP4 for video clips. However I was pulling in about 30 media assets. Some simple animations were around 40 mb and the biggest file hit around 1gb but there was only 1 of those. Thats why my first questions was maybe im using the program wrong, maybe I cant have 5 compositions with 6 layers being pulled in amongst 5 boards each with 6-8 layers.
    Millumin began to crash on our onsite mapping day, and  I thought man this project file is pulling in a ton maybe i will break this up into mutiple projects files and bounce between Modul8 and Millumin. 

    But even as I downsized the project and began to build/mapp out it still began to crash. Then I sarted to get really worried. I ended up rebuilding as many looks as I could in Modul 8 and just sent a syphon out to Millumin to handle the edge blend. 2 weeks of work remapped in Modul8 in 3 hrs(KN!).

    Modul8 was very stable in handling the media although at time I could see playback begin to stutter. I love the that Millumin has Compositions for timing, and boards for "Looks" I love that I can design and orchestrate visuals shows, plus the great output features and controller features(keep on that path). 

    However the program no matter how many amentites in theory has to be reliable/stable. I realize this is literally Day 1 of the launch and its been in beta. 

    This is a great piece of software but I need to feel confident I can throw a little weight at it and it will still stand up before it goes to retail.

    Joe Magg
  • Hello @joemagg,

    Sorry about this. My sincere apologizes.
    I fixed recently fixed a H264 specific bug, and I'm almost sure it came from that. Could you check it again please ?

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