Interactions linked to boards

Hello, is it normal that when we duplicate boards we loose some interactions on the new duplicated board ?

On my project , I made interactions with keyboards like open / close of PJLink shutters or play pause or launch next column and the play pause works only on the first board where I created it but not on the duplicated while the other interactions work on every board.

Is there a control of that ?


  • Hello @FredLaFA,

    Some interactions are global : launch next column, launch a column by index (option "binded" disabled), masters, ... They are available in all boards.

    Some interactions are linked to a specific object : change the opacity of a layer, play/pause a layer, open/close the shutter of a PJLink projector, ... These interactions are not duplicated when the object (or the board) is duplicated, in order to avoid unwanted interactions (for example, the same key controlling 2 layers at the same time). This requires to be duplicated manually on purpose.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks for the answer. I understand the possible interest in the same board but less in different boards because, as I understood, we can play only a board at the same time.

    It could be usefull to have an information about the target board in the interaction window because when we duplicate a board and are on this new, the play pause (for example) of the original appears even if it doesn't work and it means that if we duplicate as you propose, we'll have several similar interactions, for one for each board. It may be confusing.


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