Companion custom Millumin dynamic variables

Hey guys,

I'm working on a show in which we managed to put together Millumin, Atem mini , 2 ptz cameras and the audio routing, controlling all the parts with Companion.

Through the web interface we can move forward Millumin's columns and visualize their numbers using the dynamic variables. Is there a way to make a custom variable in order to visualize the columns' name?

I tried with something like $(internal:custom_$(millumin:currentColumn(name))) but is not really working.

Any suggestion would be very appreciated, thanks,



  • Did you have any luck with this? I'm dealing with the exact same problem. Just need to see the name on a button so the op can see what cue they're in. Column numbers aren't much help as there has been inevitable point cues added during the plot.

  • hello i have the same problem i tried to use the variables with companion but without success too😪

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