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Hello I follow the translation of my Isadora knowledges :

Is there a solution to connect a joystick (Human Interface Device) to Millumin ?

Is there a solution to record the output of a Canvas ?

I saw that I could select a Syphon destination for the Canvas and before I was using the great Syphon Recorder for Isadora but It doesn't work anymore, I think.

And I saw I can record a timeline.



  • Hello @FredLaFA,

    # Is there a solution to connect a joystick (Human Interface Device) to Millumin ?

    Yes, you can activate support for PS4, Switch and other standard controller in Millumin/Preferences/Gamepad.

    # Is there a solution to record the output of a Canvas ?

    So far, Syphon Recorder works fine (both on Intel and Apple Silicon machines). Another solution would be indeed to use a timeline and render it to a MOV file (see "Timeline" menubar).

    Best. Philippe

  • Big Big Thanks for sharing this Syphon Recorder 2 link. I didn't find this new version and my previous wasn't working anymore.


  • Hello,

    regarding the GamePad control, with your informations I went further but I didn't resolve.

    Now I add easily the game pad, in the Manage device / Other it's green and in the Show logs, I see all my buttons and joysticicks

    but I'm stucked when I want to put a special action on each button or joystick. I'm sure it's near, but where is my mistake ?

    I don't find how to select the right button in the interaction learning window, the Input is grey.



  • Hello @FredLaFA,

    First of all, keep in mind that gamepad support is experimental (that is why you need to activate it as an addon) and we cannot support all gamepads for sure, despite the big majority is. However, as your logs show, you gamepad is recognized by Millumin, so it should be ok.

    I just tested with a Nintendo Switch controller, and it works fine :

    • press CMD+M to open the interaction panel
    • select the "go to next column" button in Millumin's interface
    • press a button on the gamepad
    • then I can go to the next column by pression this very same button on the gamepad

    Does it work on your side ?

    For info, you can learn more interactions in this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe

  • Yes It works in that way. Even opacity or scale is working with the joystick.

    And this time, I have no problem with the calibration. No freeze.

    It's true I need to use more often the possibility to select directly a button instead of the Action menu.

    Great !

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