After Effects plugin, realtime video mapping

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    Did you ever dream about creating your video mapping content directly in After Effects, and watch the result live ?
    With the Millumin plugin for After Effects, it's now possible !

    Download it for After Effects CS5, CS6 or CC.

    1440 x 900 - 248K
  • This is amazing!!!!!
  • wonderfull! 
  • amazing, no, lo siguiente!  :-)

  • This is amazing. Will it be seen in any other software via syphon or is it a closed signal?

  • Hello @Skulpture,

    No, it's not Syphon : this plugin is only available for Millumin.

    Best. Philippe
  • amazing indeed, 
    any chance you make a photoshop version, Philippe ? 

  • Hello @eMTv,

    Not sure. Please create an idea on Uservoice : it helps to keep track of user requests, and see if other people are interested.

    Best. Philippe
  • yes good work! 
    but I don´t understand which is the utility or improvement in the mapping general workflow, if  you can do the same, a live fullscreen output of your AE composition to the projector, directly from AE without any extra software, plugin o whatever...
    with all respect, of course...because if you don´t konw it, this plugin would be absolutely necessary, but seriously..  to have the same... it´s only a shortcut directly from AE
  • Hello @indavideo303,

    This plugin is very helpful because it can connect After Effects with Millumin, a software that have all the facilities for videomapping : perspective correction, warping, masks, surface spliting, ...
    It's a bridge, not a

    Watch this video, and try to do the same only with After Effects : you could probably do some simple contour-animations, but I doubt you could do more ... Let me know.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Phillipe.  Would it be possible to save the sample file as a CS5 version? I cant open your CS6 file!  Awesome looking plugin, I thing Indavideo has missed the point completely!
  • Hello @empyfree,

    You can redownload the ZIP file : I put a CS5.5 version.
    By the way, if you could convert this CS5.5 version to CS5 version (from menubar, click on "File" then "Save as ..."), I could add it to the ZIP file (unfortenatly, I only have CS6 and CS5). Please send it to if possible.

    Thank you. Philippe
  • Cheers Phillipe, I'll have to wait for somebody else to create the lower version!  I cant open the CS5.5 version either!  Cheers for trying. 
  • Hello @empyfree,

    You can create your own project, and you'll be able to use the After Effects plugin as well !
    The project is just an example with contour-animation, light-effects, ... Nothing very special ...

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe
    I did copy the the "Millumin.plugin" file into the "Plug-ins" folder of After Effects CS5  but it seem nothing happen..I open the Input library of Millumin...doesn't show up After effect app..
    I'm not sure what I did wrong.  T T 
  • Hello @OrsumP,

    Did you create a composition in After Effects, so there is something to output towards Millumin ?
    I tested it with After Efects CS5, and everything is ok.

    Best. Philippe
  • Jumped into using this plug-in for a job. Very efficient once getting the hang of the workflow. Great for previz. I don't have to render a clip several times over to see the results. Nice work.
  • I love it !!!! Great function!
  • hi there!

    i can't open after cs6 on millumin, the plugin is there and doesn't show on millumin inputs...and i have the comp. in after like you said before...what am i doing wrong?  maverick osx
  • Hello @invader,

    Be sure to use the lastest version of Millumin. What version do you use ?

    Best. Philippe
  • @invader If you buy the plugin, I can guarantee it will work. Stop cracking things 'Filipe Pereira'.

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