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  • Hi. I´m having trouble understanding (an seeting) the comunnication between Millumin and Milluplug:

    I´m trying to control a second computer/millumin from the first, mainly syncronising the launch of same columns.

    My doubt is: does the communication works like this Millumin1 -- Milluplug 1 --- Milluplug 2 --- Millumin 2 ??
    Or is it Millumin 1 --- Milluplug --- Millumin 2 ??

    In the console of my local Milluplug, nothing happens when I launch something in Millumin, and i don´t know if it is because I´m not setting the Ip/ports correctly, or if it is a problem with the way my OSC message are writen.

    Thanks in advance
  • Hello @pablodezu,

    Please follow the instruction in the first tab of MilluPlug's Settings.
    MilluPlug is not designed to synchronize computers (you could use a "Millumin1 -- Milluplug 1 --- Milluplug 2 --- Millumin 2" but it's very complex). You should rather use SimpleSync, or if not sufficient, code a small script : there are a lot of examples in the developer-kit.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank for the response. I only have one doubt left: With Millumin Milluplug in computer 1, can I trigger actions in Millumin in computer 2 over a network?
  • Hello @pablodezu,

    Yes, MilluPlug_1 can send OSC messages to the second computer : be sure to set up the OSC tab in MilluPlug's Settings with information of the second computer.
    All OSC message are listed here.

    Best. Philippe
  • Milluplug looks wonderful!

    Is there any documentation about how to get arduino working with it? I've got output in my Arduino serial monitor but I don't see anything in Milluplug's console. 
  • Hello @lotlaxlotl,

    You cannot run Arduino serial monitor and MilluPlug at the same time : only one application at a time can use serial-port (USB port in brief).

    Best. Philippe
  • I'm also experimenting with DMX control. Milluplug recognized my Enttec DMX USBPro and let me control my light with the opacity of a layer, but then when I connected TouchOSC to remotely control that layer opacity, the light was no longer working, and hasn't seemed to work with milliplug since, even though the Enttec is still seen by milluplug.

    This is very new software, so I don't expect everything to be perfect yet. It's very exciting how much it can already do!

  • Hello @lotlaxlotl,

    When TouchOSC changes the opacity of a layer, Millumin doesn't send back the information saying that the opacity has been changed : because TouchOSC is both sending and receiving OSC, it could create an infinite feedback loop otherwise.
    In brief : you won't be able to control your light via TouchOSC. Sorry.

    Best. Philippe
  • The only problem is that Milluplug will no longer control DMX at all, even when touch OSC is not connected. The test button in milluplug will turn on the light, but manually adjusting the layer opacity in millumen won't adjust the light. Do I need to change OSC settings back to the way they were before I used TouchOSC?
  • Helll @lotlaxlotl,

    Yes, you must set up OSC settings in Millumin as follow : localhost / 5001 / 5000 (as explained in MilluPlug's Preferences).
    So MilluPlug can talk with Millumin.
    If you wanna go deeper with OSC, we suggest to rather code a mini-application : check out the developer-kit where stands a lot of examples.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe, 

    How would I use MilluPlug to control effects, both toggle them on/off and change parameters?

    For example I set up an audio plug and tell it to modify "Layer 1 / Effect 1 / Param1 changes" (Blur effect) but it does not seem to do anything to the effect. 

    If I set the plug to change the opacity of the layer, I can see that it does work on that parameter correctly. 

  • Hello @GreyArea,

    We checked this configuration with MilluPlug, and everything is fine.
    Please check that your min/max values (the "gear" icon on the right) are correctly set up.

    Best. Philippe
  • Ah Cool, yes I have it now thanks!

    Would be great to be able to toggle an effect on/off though, I do not see a way to achieve this?

  • Hello @GreyArea

    Milluplug doesn't offer the possibility to activate/deactivate an effect. 
    However, you can achieve that by sending OSC messages directly to Millumin : "/millumin/layer/effect1/enabled/0".

    Antoine M*

  • Oh my, Milluplug is useful but requires some serious work. 

    Trying to map 70+ Art-net channels.

    Main issues: Can't type in a number or string, copy or paste fields. No facility to see your work is being saved... Argh! Also universe '0' is what a lighting desk would call '1' spent 15 mins working that one out.

    Method of channel usage seems very wasteful, why not within a layer; Media starts: (Selected DMX channel; DMX value 0 = Off/NoMedia DMX 1 = media 1 DMX 2 = Media 2 etc etc etc) up to 255 Medias!

    Is this information saved as an XML in my project file? If so tell me how to edit it so I can strong arm all the data I need to input??

  • Hello @GreyArea,

    Please keep in mind that MilluPlug is an application from the lab.
    It isn't designed to create 70 plugs, I'm sorry.

    I think you could use direct Artnet support in Millumin (despite it's deprecated).
    Or create a mini-script to manage your whole fixture. There are several examples in the developer-kit.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe

    How can you use the deprecated Artnet Support? It doesn't function when I tried it, I had to create a patch for every function in MilluPlug to make it work at all. Would be nice to have the global Artnet control like: Channel xxx at 1% starts column and 2-100% is Opacity level. The range 0-100% works better than 0-255 as when programming a desk you usually punch in "[channel Number] @ [percent]".


  • Hello @Wizard_of_Oz,

    We tested Artnet support just now, and it worked well.
    Since april 2013, Artnet support is deprecated on Millumin V1 : for users, the Artnet channel mapping was both hard to understand and to use.
    MilluPlug was made as an alternative and experimental solution. We are more satisfied with the MilluPlug approach, but of course (keep in mind this is an application from the lab), it's not designed to be used with hundreds of channels.

    So based on our experience, we're working on a better solution for Millumin V2. Versatile, even while dealing with lot of channels.
    In brief : in comparison of Millumin V1, Artnet support will be different in Millumin V2.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe

    I tested again and the Global Artnet is in fact working!


  • Philippe, 

    is it possible to control the speed of the played media with Milluplug (for example with microphone - as loud the external noise is as speed the video plays)? I found the option in MilluPlug but it ends every time with crash of Millumin. I tried MIDI mapping inside Millumin, but there is no active (green overlay on speed value) area to set the speed for current media.What I am doing wrong?

     Or what about some Arduino input to control the speed? 

    Thanks for the help
  • Hello @Lukas,

    You can control the speed with MilluPlug, indeed.
    As now, we didn't received any report from you : please send them to us at

    To control this parameter with Arduino, you would have to create your own mini-application. Our developer-kit shows many examples.

    Best. Philippe
  • hi!

    I need to reproduce a video loop some parts of the video (timecode??)  send dmx  to a dimmer? Can I do it with millumin? do I need any other software??
  • Hello @breixinho,

    Millumin doesn't grab timecode frames.

    Millumin V1 allows you to send DMX through MilluPlug. Millumin V2 allows you a more flexible DMX control (you can subscribe to the private beta on the website).

    Best. Philippe

    PS : the timecode implementation is planned in Milumin V2+ (that is scheduled to be released in 2016)
  • HI,
    Is there any documentation/examples apart from the Dev Kit of how to prepare an Arduino board so it can be used with a Data Track in Millumin V2. eg. Control a server motor with key frames on Data Track. Anybody has a Script/Example for that? Cheers
  • edited March 2016
    Hello @Lauschmann,

    You should use the "Auto-program" function in Millumin V2, if you want to use an Arduino.
    Else, simply print or read the value on your Arduino :

    void setup()
    void loop()
      int value = analogRead(A0);
      int byte =;

    More info on Arduino's website.
    Best. Philippe
  • Hello I have a simple problem, Milluplug as working in anytime, but know for a knew project it doesn't work...
    Millumin V1.72 and Milluplug V1.22
    I juste want to send a midi not when a column 9 is launched.... but it doesn't work. But when I press >test in Milluplug it's working. 

    What can I do?

    Thanks a lot, premiere in 2 days....
  • Hello @peppinoline,

    Be sure to check that OSC is correctly configured : see Preferences/Millumin in MilluPlug.
    We tested on our computer, and MilluPlug is working correctly.

    Best. Philippe
  • Oups! you are right! 


  • But an other questions How to add more column in Milluplug?
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