UVW mapping

I was thinking about the new cinema plugin for millumin and how i may use it in production. I already use syphon to output my cinema project into millumin then render a uvw for each projector, then use ft-uv pass in AE to map my animated uv to each projector, producing a rendered video for each projector. It would be amazing if you could load a uvw pass into a layer and millumin would map the video to this like what ft-uv pass does. You could then produce just one render for playback. Is this remotley possible to implement or am i siplifying the process required.

Cheers Keith


  • Hello @keith,

    Interesting topic.
    Did you read this tutorial about structures and Cinema 4D plugin ? You shouldn't even need to take care of UV mapping, everything is done automatically as far as you have a modelization of the structure you project onto.

    However, for now, the structure must be simple and have less than 200 vertexes. But this is something we would like to improve, so you could remap very complex structure easily.

    Anyway, I'd be very interested to learn more about your process between C4D-AFX-Millumin. As well as knowing if our current structure system is suitable for your needs.
    Let us know all this, here or via email.

    Best. Philippe
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