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(Millumin V2/V3 use ISF that is far more better)


Please find here, a pack of effects you can install for Millumin.
You can easily edit one of these effects with Quartz Composer (follow this tutorial to install it)


We hope to add some more in the future.

We also wrote a tutorial to use Freeframe effects inside Millumin.
The big drawback of Freeframe effects is that 99% of them are compiled for 32-bits only. On our side, we encourage the adoption of 64-bits (for many reasons explained here). So that's why we choose not to support Freeframe effects directly, but we show how to do it through Quartz Composer if you really need it.

Best. Philippe


  • Hi,

    I followed the installation procedure and the quartz effects are not showing up on my computer. latest macbook pro with latest quartz composer and osx.

    any ideas?


  • Hello @dodgeroo,

    Where did you install the QTZ files ? Which folder ?

    Best. Philippe
  • is it possible to add quartz composer custom fx to individual media effect base as it is done for layer effects ?
  • Hello @wickiss,

    No it's not possible for now.
    However, it's planned to make it possible (but I've no release date to give you, sorry).

    Best. Philppe
  • Hi Philppe
    Just a note that when I tried to add the glitch.qtz onto a clip it caused Millumin to completely stall and beach ball. When I reopened and tried another effect (Blur) it worked fine - then I added glitch again and it crashed out completely.

  • Hello @lotech,

    This effect seems capricious on the new Mac with the lastest 10.9.2 or 10.9.3
    I fix the QTZ file, you can now redownload the effects-pack.

    Best. Philippe
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    salut a tous,
    un petit mail pour te demander quelle procedure a suivre pour utiliser les effets quartz composer dans millumin.
    j'ai copié les fichiers dans bibliothèque/graphics et créé un dossier millumin.
    j'ai copié aussi les fichiers dans système/graphics et créé le dossier millumin.
    il y a sans doute une erreur de ma part quelque part, car ces effets ne me sont pas proposés dans le logiciel.
    je suis sur maveriks
    merci phillipe
    a bientôt
  • Hello @jacquelin,

    (sorry but I've to reply in english, so other people can understand)
    On OSX, the path are case sensitive : "graphics" is not the same as "Graphics".
    Please check that you have the file "Auto-color.qtz" is located at "/Users/username/Library/Graphics/Millumin/Auto-color.qtz" (where 'username' is your user name).

    Best. Philippe
  • hello Philippe,
    sorry to be late in the discussion due to the birth of my son, i can be back on my computer!!!

    i'm going now to try to write in english...international english...

    but, i can't follow the way "/Users/username/Library/Graphics/Millumin" (where 'username' is my user name)...
    i don't have Library under "users/username/

    I can find them under the root of macintosh hd.
    sorry for being a noob on my new macintosh bomb!!

    thanks for your work

  • 10.9 in Finder  /users (where 'username' is your user name) right mouse click - Show View Options, and find Show Library Folder
  • Hello @jacquelin,

    If you have a french version of OSX, "Bibliotheque" may be an alias of "Library" : the path"/Users/username/Bibliotheque/Graphics/Millumin""/Users/username/Library/Graphics/Millumin" will do the same.
    Depending on your OSX version, this path is hidden : use CMD+SHIFT+G to enter it manually.
    For the rest, follow the instructions in the README.txt file.

    Best. Philippe
  • hello wikiss and phillipe

    waoo it's all right and the quartz effects are working now...

    but I tried to follow your advices but I didn't succeed to see my library folder...and tonight I install the plugin manager for quartz composer and I could see it in grey...so I could understand and finish the job...
    thanks for your advices and your ideas on millumin....
    see you
  • Hi everyone.

    Is there some website where we can found some other quartz effect ?
    Could be nice to have a plateforme for sharing effect ?!

    Thanks everyone !
  • @benjamin,

    You can have a look at http://quartzcomposer.com/about
    By the way, it's somewhat easy to discover and begin with ;-)

  • Howdy Philippe!
    I am playing with Millumin 2 and wondering if this is available for it.  It seems I can drag .qtz files into Millumin2, but do not have the ability to add them as layer effects by dropping them into ~/Library/Graphics/Millumin2.  Should they go to a different location, or is this not possible in 2?

    Thank you!!
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    Hello @dB8,

    It should be back at some point in Millumin V2, but we really want to make some changes in the processing. Some patches are not stable because of the custom plugins they use.
    So we'd like to sandbox Quartz Composer effects.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello,

    Any news about those effects in Millu v2 ?

  • Hello @PPHHMM,

    Yes, we choosed not to put back Quartz effects, since this technology is dying, and a lot of plug-ins for Quartz Composer have bugs.
    We'll propose an alternative to create your own effects. More info will come soon, in an upcoming beta (separated from the public channel release). I hope in one month or two.

    Best. Philippe
  • edited April 2017
    My major decision to Millumin for a time ago was the integration of Quartz effects and Quartz-Composer compositions. Since this strength of Millumin offered the integration of effects and compositions in real time. This was, in my opinion, an allotment feature and spoke also to stay on OSX and not to go to Windows and use for example watchout or other software.

    I find it instantly a very large handicap that we can no longer fall back to Quartz effects.

    I hope you find a qualitative alternative, with which we can also incorporate our own effects and compositions as with Quartz-Composer. For me and possibly others, it is workable to create compositions with a visual programming environment. Maybe yes Vuo, who knows?

    For me personally, this will remain a key point for or against Millumin whether Millumin will offer a similar real-time environment in the coming months. For me, this was an innovation and unfortunately, they do not currently exist completely without the Quartz effects pack.

    With Millumin 2, Quartz Composer compositions still work, which fortunately is good.

    kind regards

  • Hello @CitizenCaine,

    I'm sorry, but Quartz Effects won't come back in Millumin V2 : the main reason is that Quartz is a legacy technology, and more importandly, a lot of people developped plugins for it that are buggy.
    I don't want to explain all technical details, but QTZ files can still be loaded in Millumin as media, because we process them asynchrounously to avoid a lot of problem. We cannot do that with effects.

    In the last 2 years, we have been working on a new generation custom effects. It will rely on shaders, especially on ISF standard. The good thing is that a dedicated website, where you can edit/download your effects : https://www.interactiveshaderformat.com
    It will also be possible to do so in Millumin. However, keep in mind that it's a different way to create effects, quite different that Quartz Composer.
    This new kind of effects should come in the next weeks. At leat we're doing our best to do so.

    Regarding VUO support, we made some research back in 2015, and this in an interesting idea. However, this is not a priority for now to be honnest. If more people are voting for this idea on Uservoice, we may reconsider this priority.

    Best. Philippe
  • Dear Philippe,

    The effects from ISF are great. How can I use it with Millumin ?
    In which folder do I need to install it ?

  • Hello @PPHHMM,

    As stated in my previous message, this is not yet available. We hope to deliver this feature in the next weeks.

    Best. Philippe
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