8 projectors best setup?

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I am developing a project with 8 projectors and would like to know what is the best setup to do that?
What mac I need to use? Can Millumin sync two macs?

Anyone can help me?


  • Hello @adrianovenosa,

    You can sync 2 Mac or more with SimpleSync. The MacBookPro Retina can handle 4 feeds (see this test with 4x1080p)
    If you want to run everything from one Mac, the best option is to use a Datapath X4 with the new MacPro (or you should be able to use 2 on a MacBookPro Retina).

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks @Philippe

    Do you know if  two macbook pro with intel iris graphic (basic configuration) can handle this?
    Or even if I use the new MacPro with Zotac Dual HDMI to input 8 outputs could work?

    thanks again

  • Hello @adrianovenosan,

    I don't think the Intel Iris is powerful enough to handle 4x1080p feeds.
    The new MacPro could deal with the Zotac Dual HDMI, but you have to ask them to be sure they support this computer. However, I'd suggest you to use a more professional device such as the Datapath X4.

    Best. Philippe
  • hi
    I have need mac book retina 2880x1800pixel.I use to zodac cable,mac retina and two projectıon with millumin exit.
    Can I take to watch image ?
    is zodac cable for windows? and is Mini DisplayPort-DVI adapter sensible?

    congratulation,very succesful millumin.

    thank you.
  • Hello @djmesut76,

    The Zotac Dual HDMI works with the MacBookPro Retina (see this post).
    If it does not work, please contact Zotac support.

    Best. Philippe

  • Can Millumin handle a 8640x1920px stage?
    - using a new Mac Pro (8x1080x1920) with  2x Datapathx4 configured as 2x 4x1 (8x1) portrait.

  • Hello @SorenBcn,

    The performance of Millumin are very optimized and use the Apple libraries to get the best (we're also studying new ways to improve multi-GPU support).
    So the main factor isn't Millumin, it's your graphic card : I guess you won't have problem with the new MacPro graphic cards to run such a resolution. Millumin also runs perfectly with Datapath X4.

    Best. Philippe
  • Perfect Philippe

    Thanks for the swift answer - the idea is to use a D700 configuration (just in case) :-)

  • Has anyone used 2 DPx4's on a NEW MacPro? Results?
  • We've just got a new MacPro with 2x D700's - I can confirm that it works with our X4 fine, and I've also attempted to run 2x 4k out of the MacPro (one into the X4 the other to a ATEM 4k switcher) and that also works - although there is some frame jumps at that resolution (and both outputs are only 30Hz).
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