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Hi Millusers!

Is somebody have experience about the new mac mini with millumin ?
Maybe some test?

Thanks for sharing !



  • Hello @benjamin,

    The topic isn't closed at all !

    Anyway. My studio got such a MacMini, and I'm able to play a 5760x1080 movie in a 3x1920x1080 (so 3 full-HD screens). The FPS is stable at 32fps.
    Unfortenatly the Intel HD 4000 isn't a very performant graphic card.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe,

    I cant answer is the topic ("Commenting not allowed").

    Thanks for your answer.
    Actually, what is the best mac in a lower budget to run millumin ?
    My configuration will be a 3x1024x768, run multiple movies (but small like 340x280, with effect and crossfading).

    Thanks a lot,

  • Hello @benjamin,

    At the resolution you're using, the latest MacMini should be ok : of course, it depends how many media you wanna use at the same time, but I think it'd run the show perfectly.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : I fixed the permission to reply to the previous topic
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