Soft Edges for the Advanced Output system?


I recently started working with your advanced output system with a 5 projector grid that I've created, with 3 projectors in a horizontal row on the bottom layer and 2 in a layer above them creating almost a 4/3 layout from 5 screens, I've learned to use the alignment tools and have a pretty goodalignment set up.  However, I have visible edges between a few of my projectors with different lumen levels.  I noticed there are no soft edge options for the advanced tool.  Is this coming soon and if not, do you have a work around that will help smooth the horizontal and / or vertical edges with this kind of set up?


  • I saw this old post about using the soft crop effect, but the linked tutorial is no longer there.
  • Hello @gfelice,

    Horizontal and vertical soft-edges are quite easy to make, but "quad" soft-edges are far more harder, especially since corners can be shared by 4 projectors (making adjustments very subtle).

    Millumin V2 features quick tools for horizontal/vertical soft-edge. For "quad" soft-edges, you have to do it manually.
    I'd recommand you to use 2 instances of Millumin (duplicate "" to launch 2 Millumin) :
    - one for the content (with only one big canvas) that outputs to Syphon
    - one getting the Syphon feed, then managing the outputs and the soft-edge

    To manage the soft-edge on the second instance : do everything in the workspace. I mean : use layers with the slice-editor, and add a "soft crop" effect to do the soft-edge manually. I think in your configuration, the easier solution is to create one canvas per projector (so 5 in total).

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe,

    I have a configuration similar to @gfelice's with 6 videloprojectors (3x 2). For the moment I make a test with a quad configuration.

    I opened 2 instances of Millumin, the first one with a full resolution canvas (Syphon in output), the second one with Syphon which manage the outputs and manage the soft edge.

    I used the slice editor to split my surface.

    Can you detail the last operation : "I think in your configuration, the easier solution is to create one canvas per projector"? This is not very clear to me.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best. François

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    Hello @FrancoisB,

    You do not need 2 instances, only one Millumin with 2 canvases is doing the same :

    • the first canvas is for the content, outputting to Syphon
    • the second canvas is for the outputs, andd displays the first canvas via Syphon
    • then use the slice-editor and "soft crop" effect to manually do your soft-edge in quad

    Alternatively and if you find it easier, you can create one canvas for your content, then as many "smaller" canvases as you need for your outputs (4 or 6 in your case). See attached project below :

    Tips : double-click on the mapping anchor to edit value numerically if needed.

    Best. Philippe

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    Thanks to Philippe who gave me some answers.

    In my case, an easier solution consists in creating a main canvas for the content and to send it to Syphon.

    I create 3 other canvas with 2 videoprojectors for the projection on each wall with Syphon in input.

    I make a vertical soft edge for each canvas, a corner correction and it works well.

    Best. François

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