playout 2 canvases perfectly framesynced [SOLVED]

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Hey folks,
i'm currently workin on a project where i want to use Millumin to play 2 Videos exactly frame synced. 

My plan is to render a video with Alpha Channel in After Effects, into two separate files. One file for Alpha, and one for RGB. 
Then i want to playback these two file in separate canvases (each with a resolution of 3000x1200px) on a single output(3000x2400:50Hz), so i have no issues with output delays. 

I filmed the output monitor with my iPhone in Slo-Mo mode, and i can see that the canvases glitched about 1 frames away. 
Is there a Solution for this issue?



  • Hello @stvmyr,

    A few questions :
    - If you film Millumin's workspace/interface : do you see the delay between 2 canvases ?
    - What is the codec of your video ? HAP ?
    - Why not using a single video instead of 2 ? Why do you need alpha on your first canvas ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Phillipe,

    i've just fixed the problem. I accendently rendered the 50p version out of After Effects. But Millumin runs in my test with the internal screen in 60 frames. And i used ProRes 4444. After converting my file to HAP Q Alpha it just works absolutly perfect.

    The Idea is to feed RGB + Alpha on two outputs into AnalogWays Aquilon and use the "Cut & Fill" to get an Transperent Video overlays over live camera images. These part actually work pretty well. 

    Thanks for your reply!

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