Auto start / play a timeline?


I have read a few older threads about getting Millumin to autostart and that works fine for me.  I set Millumin as a start up file in my System preferences which opens Millumin at start up and auto loads my project file.  From there, I'd like to be able to autoplay a specific timeline based project.  Since Millumin always defaults to open in layer stack mode, I was wondering if there are any options to have it start in Timeline mode and autoplay.  I might be able to do this with Automator but I thought I'd check here first.



  • I also see that there's a new scheduler system in the interactions panel, but there's no option to play a timeline, only columns.  i tried adding my timeline to a column but it messes up a complicated mapping set up on the timeline that has one layer split via the slice editor. I even tried copying the mapping, but it was still off. 

    Anyway, thanks for your help.  It would be great to have an option to start a timeline in the scheduler system as well.

  • Hello @gfelice,

    Indeed, the best solution is to add your timeline to the dashboard. So it will automatically be launched when you start Millumin.
    Launching your timeline from the dashboard should not break your mapping. Does the resolution of your timeline match the resolution set for your project in the output panel ?
    Can you send us your project at so we can check it ?

    Sincerely your,
  • Thanks.  I tried again today and now I'm not experiencing the same issue.  Before it would only bring in one layer of my mapping which had been split into two mappings via the Slice Editor on the timeline.  Today when I dropped the timeline on the dashboard, it worked fine.  Maybe it was my fault or maybe because I'm using the beta version of the app. Either way I'm up and running and the schedule system is awesome!


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