Multi-Projectors and Multi-Light independently

I'm pretty new to Millumin, i got loads of experience with other mapping and and media servers, like Arena, MadMapper,...
I decided to use Millumin because of the light control capacity. 

What I have:
3 Projectors.
22 Lights. 
6 Video clips. 
Some OSC Input

What I want to do:
On each projection, there should run a idle video loop. 
Per projection area there are supposed to be 2 lights. Theses lights are off. 
Triggered by a sensor (OSC input), next to the projection screen, 
the 2 lights should be switched on smoothly, and the video content fades to another clip, 
after the clip is played, it should fade out the lights, and fade back to the idle clip. Lights are off again. 

Basically what I experienced within my first Millumin sessions, this should be done pretty simple with 2 timelines, arranged on the dashboard.
So far so good. 
But: now I want to duplicate the this setup, for each projector, in sum, 3 projectors, and maybe 2-3 additionale light data tracks for the rest of the lamps, to control the rest of the light.

Now is the question:
How to run them independently ?
maybe, as far as i understood, for example, building a dashboard for each projector and 2-3 light tracks, and run them parallel?
Is this possible to do with Millumin?
Another question, covering the same area, is, can i just trigger some lights, without jumping around in a timeline or dashboard?

Maybe the idea of several parallel dashboards is the wrong way - ideas, tipps ant trick how to do this are highly welcome!
Thanks a lot.


  • Hello @okami,

    You could use a data-track inside your timeline to send an OSC message when the timeline's reached the end. So Millumin could catch this message in the dashboard, and restart your timeline's intro.

    First, be sure you have the latest version of Millumin V3 (being able to send an OSC message back to Millumin is a very recent feature). Use the "check for updates" item from the menubar.
    Then, please use the attached project to get an example.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe, 
    works like a charm! thank you very much !!!!
    I tried your document, as well as the recommended way on Facebook, both worke pretty good!
    Am I right, that i have to target my on IP with the same Port in the field "to machine" ?
    After i set this to the same IP and Port it worked :-)
    Now i can set up my whole installation, i guess there will be coming up some questions when i add the light... but this worked in the test phase! I'll keep you informed an post some documentary when the project is running!
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