Mute a Videoprojector with a Data Track

Hi guys, 
I've been fighting with this issue all day long. And couldn't fix it.
As the title says I try to mute/unmute my VP with a Data Track and it doesn't work.

But if I use the app "Projector Midi Remote" it works flawlessly.
So I guess there's something I'm missing :'(
Any help is greatly appreciated  ;) 

There are the screenshots of my configuration, I'll post the logs tomorrow (as I've seen the values are not correctly identified maybe that's the issue... I guess...)


  • and this is the log, with the empty values field...
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  • OgiOgi
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    I usually use the command:
    with a range of 30 and 31.
  • Hi, thanks, but it doesn't work either ;)
    I don't understand
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  • all seems corect. Have you also remove the password of the videoprojector?
  • Yes, there's no password protection on this model.

    Also, it is working without any special configuration with the apps "Projector Midi Remote" and "ProjectorManager", so...
    I'm wondering, do I need to add something in millumin to receive the information from the VP that the shutter is on ?  Like it could validate the information already send, I don't know ?!
  • Hello @hyll,

    Please find here an intermediary version that has PJlink data track type.
    Please note the "show log button" will give you infos about how the projectors answer and the potential error messages.

    As PJLink implementation depends on the manufacturer, we tried implement it so it works on most of the projector but unfortunatly we can't ensure it will work on every  of them.

    Please let us know how it goes. And also, could you give us the reference of the projector you are trying to control ?


    Antoine M*
  • Thanks Antoine, I'll give it a try tomorrow and let you know ;) 
  • Thanks, it seems to work great ! :D 
    For info the projector is Vivitek DU8193Z

    Thanks again !
  • Hello @hyll,

    Good to know that it works !
    For Info, the PJLink track will be available in a future Beta release and would be included in the official version later.


  • Just a quick question, I know it is not a stable version but is it also time limited ? Just to know.... ;)
  • Hello @hyll,

    If you use a trial, then the trial period will remain the same regardless the version you use.

    The version you have will work for 90 days but a Beta version with PJLink will come before that day.


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  • Ok, I have a V3 license.
    By the way, a little feature request : would it be possible to add interactions on the “on” “off” "close" "open" buttons for “power" and “shutter”. It would be really useful during creation... ;) 
  • Hello @hyll,

    We want to test the PJLink support before changing anything.
    A workaround could be to create 4 columns : “on” “off” "close" "open" at the end of your dashboard and to recall them with classical launch column interactions (see attached screenshot)

    Would this fit your needs ?


    Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 18.27.42.png
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  • Thanks, good idea
  • Not such a good idea in fact :p
    Need to work on several columns and open & close shutter at will)
    Using « projector midi remote » in parallel for now ;)
  • Hello @hyll,

    Could you fill out an uservoice on that point so we can keep track of your idea and see how it goes ?
    That said, using projector midi remote for rehearsals might not be a bad idea as you only have to close it during shows thus avoiding accidental manipulations ?


    Antoine M*
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