[Hackintosh] Regular lag, freeze of image (solved)

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we have a critical issue for a video performance for a big show next thursday: there are very regular lags, every 5/6 seconds even with a super simple project: 1 video source and 1 surface. we also have the issue with a shader or even a rotating image.

the setup is a bit complex as we controlling 5 video-projectors, 2 big barco and 2 epson, via optical converter - the refresh rate of the Barco vp is 50hz, without any possibility to rize it to 60 (seems to be related to the adaptors).

we are currently testing different options (adjusting screen hz, unplugging cards, etc.), but it would super useful if you have any clue or advice on how to fix this.

thanks in advance,

OSX 10.13.6 high sierra (hackintosh)
radeon rx vega 64 8gb
radeon rx 560 4gb
intel i9 9900k 3.6ghz


  • Hello @tease75,

    Since you are using a hackintosh, there are huge chance that your configuration isn't optimal.
    On the other side, machines with eGPU or even nowadays MacBookPro are able to run 5 monitors easily. Additional devices such a Datapath FX4 can be useful. More info on this post.

    To come back to the hackintosh topic : first of all, you should plug all your outputs to the same GPU. This is a hardware optimization, not related to Millumin, else a lot of data must be transfered from one GPU to the other (which can lead to frame drops, especially if your hackintosh isn't properly built). More info on this post.
    Let us know if it helps.

    Best. Philippe
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    Hello Philippe,

    Thanks for your answer, the post you recommend are interesting indeed.
    We finally found a solution witch is not the one expected or the one your recomand:
    Yes our Hackintosh must not be configurated optimaly because our main Graphic card (radeon rx vega 64 8gb) start to have this lag if we plug more then 3 dispay on it (1920x120 and 1920x1080).
    So we still do all the rendering on it, but we have limited her to 3 display and had put the 3 other to the second card. 
    This stop the lag and give a fluid result, no more drop frame.
    We realised that the radeon rx vega 64 8gb does not have this problem if we boot it on Window, instead of Os x, so we guess its a driver issue.
    The card is still super powerfull to generate video (we use Millumin with Godot entering in Syphon and producing lots of generative video) so I don't want to give up on it. I wonder if I would have the same problem using her as a eGPU ?

    I've add our stage set just to show the reason of all this ! (17m back screen with 2 projectors - 2 Tulle projection - 1 body-projection)

    thanks again,
    1920 x 1378 - 428K
  • Hello @tease75,

    Millumin uses the GPU that is connected to the monitor where Millumin's interface is. In brief : you should run Millumin from a display connected to your Vega 64.
    The exception is eGPU : if Millumin finds one, it always uses it.
    You can see how Millumin uses GPU from Monitor/System (see menubar "Window"). So be sure, Millumin is running all the calculations from your Vega 64.

    Regarding Radeon RX Vega 64 driver issue : macOS embed official drivers for such GPUs, and at least from our experience, there is no problem with an RX Vega 56 (eGPU), so you shouldn't have an issue using a RX Vega 64, even on a Hackintosh.
    I don't know how you made the comparison with Windows/Bootcamp, but if you didn't perform the exact same project, this could lead to different results.
    On another topic, the Vega 64 requires a big power supply and your RX 560 should drive some power as well. You should try to remove your RX 560 from your Hackintosh and run all your outputs from your Vega 64. Much more optimized and safer from a power supply point-of-view.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : feel free to send us photo and video via email when the project is finalized
  • hello all, i'm working with @tease75 on the game engine side,

    we finally found a way to stabilise the rendering by using the two cards:
    - monitor, barcos, millumin & godot engine (the game engine) are running on the vega
    - the 3 other vp's are connected to the 560, who just broadcast the textures generated on the vega

    the setup is stable enough, we don't have lag anymore

    the solution you proposed in the first comment was the one that provoked the lags, due to a unidentified sync issue with the epson video-projectors

    thanks for the fast reply by the way, it was a critical issue for the performance (first public presentation is tomorrow:))

    all the best

    frankie z.
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