Switching video automatically by camera recognition

Hi Guys,
my boss is thinking about to buy a Millumin licence.
I have now to figure out if its the rigth piece of software for us and the job.

We want to hang up a projector and project to a big canvas.
Normally it should play 24/7 some looped clips. This is no problem.
But we also want to mark a few meters in front of the canvas the floor with a cross.
When now somebody stand on the cross, the video should switch to another timeline and loop until the cross ist empty again.
We are not allowed to install a physical switch to floor.
We want to film the cross with a webcam or kinect.

Is it possible to realize this project without to much effort and extra hardware/software?

Thank so far


  • Hello @Han,

    You can have a look at our free 30 days trial to test your case.

    That said, their is no straightforward solution for your case. You'll probably need an external peace of software that takes the result of our blob tracker plugin (infos here) and analyse wether the blob is on the cross or not. Then, you can send the result back to Millumin via the osc API (infos here).

    Tip, you can send the result of blob tracker by using a data track and assign an interaction as shown in the attached file.

    Keep in mind that the most complicated things in your case would be the control of the lighting environment so the camera doesn't detect any reflection as a blob.

    Kinect could also be a solution. In the end the process will remain the same.

    Feel free to reach us back if you have other questions


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