ultra studio mini recorder and new MacBook Pro usb c

Hi ! I have an issue with the Blackmagic ultra studio mini recorder and my new MacBook Pro usb c, I can't see any video in my project. I wrote an email at black magic support to be sure to use the right dongle because we don't have any thunderbolt port now and my last adapter didn't work. They told be to use the apple one, wich turn on my mini recorder, I can see him in my sources panel but when I put it in a column, nothing appears ! Any idea ?


  • Hello @rlalire

    Is it working with the V2 ? 
    Also, have you checked with "Blackmagic desktop video setup" that the input is on HDMI and not on SDI ? 


  • Hum... It was that... I didn't had that software in my new Mac, I thought that it was not necessary because of the integration of the Blackmagic's library !!! It works perfectly !! Thanks !
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