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Is it possible to update the preview-section in the preview grid when the clip or layer was edited?
I use the preview mainly for the selected clip. Now while edit I have to reload the preview by selecting the clip again and again.

For my crew in the theater, the preview grid is on big reason to go away from Resolume, but it should show exactly the current editing.

Thank for your work!


  • Hello @dangrau

    If I understand wheel, you'd like to preview not the first frame of your clip when it's black, but the first non black frame ? 
    Or do you want to preview the slices and masks ? Or the effects ? 

    Please let us know. 


  • edited December 2018

    How I would like to use it:

    If I set "selected media" in one preview slot, it plays the clip with all its properties (speed, start - end marker, loop settings, effects).
    If I edit something of this, the preview should be updated with the new settings, to see the changes.

    Now I have to select the clip again to see the changes in the preview.

    Actually it plays the whole media with all its effects and properties in the preview, but it is not updated while editing.

    Its basically for rehearsals. While playing content for the current act, we have to prepare and edit the content of other acts.
    So it would be nice to have a realtime preview of the selected media.

    If a preview of a selected media plus the processing of the layer (maybe with warping, slice and masks) is possible, that would be nice too.

  • BTW. I don't know if duration is working, in the options of the preview grid. It is set to "1s short", but it plays the whole media - what is exactly what I want!!! Please don't change this, or please give an option than, to preview the whole media.

    Thank You!
  • Hello @dangrau

    Thanks for your feedback. This has been noted. 

    If you want to work on offscreen content during rehearsal, you can also create a second working canvas and edit your media/layers there. Then, you can move the layer/medias on the projection canvas. 

    I understand that this is not the perfect solution, but this will allow you to preview all your work without reload before putting it on screen. 


    Antoine M*
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