Mixing resolutions

I am preparing to map a building. I would like to use the "Advanced" canvas layout and create different zones on the façade. However there are some zones that I would like to have higher resolution than the rest of the façade. In other words a smaller zone utilising the full resolution of a projector. I am wondering if this is possible since I am guessing the resolution of the entire canvas is what decides the resolution of each part, and that if I indicate a higher resolution in one zone (or display) Milllumin will only scale the pixels from that area of the canvas. Is this correct? 

And if so, is there a workaround?




  • Hello @Chocron,

    The canvas resolution will be the resolution of your content. So if you want higher resolution in some part of your canvas (higher DPI, "dots per inch"), you need to increase the resolution of your canvas.

    But anyway, I guess the resolution of your canvas should be the same as the one of your content (created with After Effects, Cinema 4D, ...).

    Best. Philippe
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