Multiple outgoing syphon streams?

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I am currently working on an animated cube which has different videos playing on each side.

The cube is rendered in TouchDesigner and I wanted to use Millumin to pipe out the different video using six timelines.

I mapped each timeline to a different canvas, but now I realized, they are all sending to the same syphon.

Did I oversee something?

The several timelines are a workaround already, actually the ideal thing would be 6 layers in one timeline all routed to different syphons.

Anyone an idea how to solve that?

Best, Robert


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    Hello @ surumadurum, 

    If you want each timeline to be rendered in a different Syphon server, you'll need to create as many Canvas (in the output section of Millumin) as Syphon server. 

    So if you have six timeline that will go in six Syphon, you need 6 canvas. 
    In the timeline setup, you should select the right canvas as an output. See attached screenshot 

    Hope this helps 


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  • Great, thanks!
    Can I always only select one Canvas per Timeline?
  • Hello @ surumadurum,

    A timeline is meant to output on only one canvas as this is used as a "normal media" in Millumin dashboard. 

    If you want a timeline to output on two Syphon servers, you can use the advanced option of Millumin output and create two overlapping output on different Syphon server. See the attached screenshot for reference. 

    Hope this helps 
    Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 17.35.24.png
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