Will Millumin V2+ work on Mac OS Mojave

Does Millumin V2+ already support Metal?
Mac OS 10.14 Mojave will be released at the end of this Month and it will have some Major Improvements like "Specific Egpu Support for Apps" and "Integrated Display EGPU Acceleration".

Otherwise it will not support OpenGL anymore, only metal.


  • Hello @ChaEvent,

    About macOS Mojave : yes, Millumin supports the newest macOS release. More info on this post.

    About Metal : no, Millumin doesn't support Metal for rendering. While it's very interesting, we haven't much info to say right now. As soon as we'll have, we'll speak about it.

    About OpenGL : I guess you're quite confused. OpenGL still works in macOS Mojave (and will work on next macOS releases as well), it's just deprecated. Indeed, Apple advises developers to rather use Metal, because it's one of the next-generation graphic library (like DirectX 12 and Vulkan).

    Best. Philippe
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