Timecode Sync, Timeline vs Dashboard

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Hello everyone, 
I have been trying out Millumin and absolutely love it. I do have a couple of questions that I'm hoping I can get help with.

1) I see that a timeline can receive Timecode and be synced with an external source, which is amazing, however, I was wondering whether the dashboard can receive a universal timecode and be controlled remotely?

My scenario is as follows.

I'm designing the visuals for an immersive theatrical concert made up of 16 songs. However, each song has its own unique set of video materials as well as a new stage configuration to be mapped on.

My approach has been to create 1 timeline per song, then put the timelines in the dashboard.

The visuals need to be synced with Ableton Live as well as a lighting console. so I was wondering what would be the best approach to do this. 

would it be possible to sync the whole show with timecode, or option be would be to have each song/timeline be synced with timecode, however the dashboard functions as cue triggers?

any help would be massively appreciated because I would rather be able to figure out a reliable way of doing it in Millumin and buy Millumin versus be pushed into the Resolume Arena land.

Thank you in advance.




  • Hello @soniccanvas,

    From what I understand, the easiest solution would be to create a global-timeline that contains all other song-timelines.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe, 

    Thank you so much! I hadn't seen your response before. That is awesome! I will test this tomorrow.

    Any idea when Millumin V2+ will be out? I'm about to buy the video solution for the show that I talked about above, the show is June 22nd and I would absolutely love for my investment to be in Millumin, but I need to be able to use TimeCode, at least MTC. so if I bought Millumin now, would I be able to use the Beta at my own risk for the show? and then pay for the upgrade to V2+ when it's released? 

    I really do not want to go down the Resolume route, but would much rather stay with Millumin.

    Thank you very much, you guys are doing amazing work.


  • We're doing our best, and working hard to deliver the V2+.
    As now, we're closely listening user feedback to improve the beta. It matters a lot to us. Thank you for your patience.

    In the meantime, you can use Millumin V2+ beta with your Millumin V2 license. We got some users doing so, even in production environments. If so, be sure to test your configuration and your project before.

    Best. Philippe
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