Video walk thru of creating project and running it live?

Does anyone have a video of building and running a show, from beginning to end (or a scene or shorter piece) so I can see a best practices use in Millumin?
Bonus if dmx/lights also used in addition to video. Have searched online but not finding anything like that.

The Millumin tutorials are good and short but I'm not seeing a video that walks thru a case study from begining/building and thru running show.

Thank you.


  • Hello @Judgeworks,

    I'm not aware of such a tutorial online. Also, "video of building and running a show" may refer to very different projects, for each a very different approach (theater show, installation, monumental videomapping, pixel mapping, ...).

    We're thinking about writing a few "use-case" tutorials, but this isn't planned yet.
    However, feel free to expose your project here, and we'll give you a good path to start.

    Best. Philippe
  • Ok- conceptually I think I am understanding better.

    Use timelines as a means to build entire linear scenes out (and put lighting cues there).

    Then use Dashboard as the main area to trigger scenes...?

    Will share a mockup soon with a few questions. Trying to grasp how to use jump to cues/segments and maintaining control over show/videos/lights.

    Do peolpe typically run shows from the dashboard or timeline? Or bounce between both?
  • Hello @Judgeworks,

    Yes, you're right : the dashboard is usually the place to run the show (because this is a sequencer).
    You can use timeline to build content for the dashboard, especially by using segments. More info on this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe
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