Sync two machines and control by one midi controller.

Hi. it's my first post.
Thank you for making this great app.
First, sorry for my poor english.  

I'm using millumin v1 on two machiness.
I want to call its main and backup.

I need to syncronise both machines.
So I set everything right on 'setup osc' in 'device' menu
When I luanched column.
Main worked fine.
But backup's media dropped frame rate.
It looked like backup machine can't follow main machine media's speed.
Not delay but drop framerate.

When I use simplesync or milluminsync which is made by jpkelly
Everything was good. there's no frame drops.
But sometimes I need to use a midi controller on main for luanching columns, adjusting media speed, effects.. and so on.
So I want to control both machine by midi controller not using those apps.
And want backup to follow main's adjustment by midi controller.
I couldn't find a way to map midi to those apps.

Do you have any idea to fix my problem?

Both machines are mbp 2015 15inches. and I tested on mbp 2017 15inches too. It has same problem.
My midi controller is luanch control XL
Attached image is basic setup when I work at events.


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    Hello @HWANK1M

    If you want to keep your content in perfect (frame) sync, you will need tu use timecode. This option is available in the last Betas of Millumin

    Regarding the Midi, you can use apple Midi network to forward your midi orders to another machine. 
    See this tutorial


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