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Do you know any way to time the playback of a timeline based on time of day? I have a show that needs to run just after sunset outdoors and turn off at 3 a.m.


  • Hello @atomicpicnic,

    You could use a timecode with Millumin V2+ beta. See this tutorial.
    Alternatively, you could write a simple script to play/stop your timeline at the specified hours. See the developer-kit (Python or AppleScript).

    Best. Philippe
  • The easiest and fastest way is to use Octopus: http://noismada.com

    Millumin is already directly implemented.

    In brief:
    - Properties -> Devices -> New -> Playback -> Millumin
    - Setup IP address and OSC ports accordingly (e.g. if on the same machine)
    - Presets -> New -> Millumin -> Launch column / Stop column
    - Triggers -> TOD (= time of day)

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    Hello @atomicpicnic, Hello @rolandino,
    Ho yes you're right : I forgot to mention that Chataigne could be also useful (see image below).
    Best. Philippe

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