Sending OSC commands between Millumin and Clarity


I am trying to connect two devices, one running an instance of Millumin and one running LSC Clarity. I am trying to send OSC commands between them.

I first tried to connect Clarity to Millumin. I ensured the OSC server was running under the manage devices window. I then tried to connect to it using Clarity, however Millumin didn't seem to show any feedback when I tried to connect. Is there any way I can see a list of connected clients?

Next I tried to connect to Clarity from Millumin. The connection was successful (Clarity showed a window saying a client was requesting access, which I accepted). I then tried to send commands from Clarity to Millumin, and from Millumin to Clarity, however none of the commands executed. The commands I tried to send to Millumin looked like this:


Where is the IP of the machine running Millumin. Has anyone had any experience connecting these technologies? Or if not can you see anything wrong with the structure of my command?

Thanks in advance,

Dingo En Fuego, esq.


  • If you want Millumin to stream OSC, please follow this tutorial about datatrack.

    For controlling Millumin with OSC, you can find some example with touchOSC or lemur. You can also look at the tutorial about connecting device to Millumin which have a part about OSC.
    Here, you can find the list of the OSC command natively understood by Millumin.

    Did this solve your problem ?

    Sincerely your,
  • Thanks Nicolas,

    Unfortunately Im still having problems getting this to work..

    Can you please give a more detailed set  of instructions or examples of sending and receiving commands through osc I'm still having trouble with address/Scripting part and the observing of connections.


  • Hello @DingoEnFuego,

    To help you I advice you to use the monitor in Millumin. You can find it in the menu bar at Window/Monitor. The monitor will display all the signals from and to Millumin. So Millumin is sending or receiving osc message, you can check it there.
    You also can use the OSCTestApp. This application allow you to send and receive OSC, and also have an efficient monitor. So to test your configuration, you can try to get Millumin and OSCTestApp to communicate with each other through OSC.

    If they can't success to communicate that mean that you fail something in the ip/port configuration :
    - Millumin should send message to the ip of the computer hosting OSCTestApp.
    - Millumin should send message to the listening port of OSCTestApp. The value of the port doesn't matter, but it have to be the same.
    If you want OSCTestApp to send osc message to Millumin, it is the same, but in the other direction.Except that the port have to be different that the one you use to send message from Millumin to OSCTestApp.

    Let me know if that solve your problem.

    Sincerely your,
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