Beginner needing guidance!


  • Hello !

    I am very new in this field and I have a few questions to ask you!

    currently need to project video footage through three video projectors,
    movies that I have to deal with separately and at the same time.
    However, the production that I use is over budget and I try to find the cheapest way to get my way!

    I do not need to project in HD. After
    my research, the best solution would be to go through Usb-C / VGA
    connectors on four independent Usb-C ports (those of the Macbook Pro
    that I will use).

    Is this solution viable? Could you advise me on how to proceed?

    Thank you for your attention !
  • Hello @Witkoh,

    You can indeed use the 3 USB-C port of your MacBookPro to do so : you will be able to output on 3 videoprojectors.
    Such MacBookPro have a good graphic card, and you can project in HD (720p) and in fullHD (1080p).
    Be sure to leave the 4th USB-C port for power supply. Or use a USB-C hub.

    Once you connected your 3 videoprojectors, you can check the Mac's System Preferences / Displays : you will see your 3 outputs.
    Then just run Millumin, and you will see exactly the same outputs, ready to used in Millumin.

    If you begin with Millumin, be sure to read our beginner tutorial here.
    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks a lot!
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