ISF transitions

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Dear Millumin Team,

the integration of the ISF shaders looks very promising. You have done a very good job.

I have a question about this:

I would like to use a crossfade effect from one to another layer. With an example of the attached doorway.fs file.
Now I would have here two input signals with an "Input Image" and a "Target Image".

What would I have to change here in the code of the doorway.fs file, to overlap for example from layer 1 to the layer 2 with this effect? Or in other words, how could I use such files with an input signal and a target signal in Millumin?

Thank you very much for your effort!

Kind regards



  • Hello @CitizenCaine

    Millumin doesn't support the target Image as a Parameter. 
    You can fill an Uservoice for that so we keep track of your idea. 

    A solution can be found creating a custom application using syphon and add the result in Millumin.
    You can fin informations about that in our dev kit  


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    i suggested this feature under the following headline in Uservoice:

    ISF transitions

    kind regards

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