Millumin - interactive museum installation


I'm new to Millumin but i like the simplicity of the program so far. Is Millumin good for interactive installations like touch screen interfaces that control events and animations or is it best for live stage production? Or would you connect a Audrino to Millumin and the to something like Unity?

Just trying to wrap my head around the possibilities and constraints of the program :-) I'm not a programmer but i would like to make interactive setups for museums etc with animation and buttons etc.

Thanks :-)


  • Hello @Iarsdp,

    Millumin is more designed for live stage production. But some of our user are using it to make interactive installations. For doing this I advice to look at this tutorial about interaction with Millumin. If you want to use some Arduino, look at this tutorial.

    Anyway, if your installation is complex, maybe you will need to use some extra tool like Unity, Processing or OpenFramework. Note that all those tool can exchange frames via Syphon.

    Let me know if that answer your question.

    Sincerely your,
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